Case Studies

Here are some examples of clients we've worked with to give you a flavour of how we can help your business

We have helped countless e-commerce businesses, agencies and other organisations to meet their requirements for expert PHP development and consultancy.

Please read through these case studies to get an idea of why our clients use our services.

Private E-Commerce Clients

Some of our larger clients prefer to remain anonymous

Some of our larger clients prefer to keep the fact that we are working for them a private matter, which we fully understand and are happy to oblige.

We have clients that work in all kinds of industries, from primarily B2C through to primarily B2B. Our largest clients are turning over 7 figures per month and have catalogue sizes in the hundreds of thousands of products. Each of our clients has their own unique needs and challenges that we help them to overcome.

Catalogue Management

Bespoke catalogue management system that pulls in product data, inventory and price information from multiple sources. The system then processes this information and updates the site and various channels

Markups Calculation

A powerful bespoke system to manage calculating the supplier to be used for cost pricing, what markup to apply to that cost price and then a variety of other checks and processes that result in a final selling price

Server Administration

Management of multiple servers to supplement the services of the client's hosting company. We have heavily optimised the performance and security of the servers and implemented a rigorous backup system

Backup System

In addition to their hosting company backup, we implemented a system that uses a cost effective unmanaged dedicated server to handle large scale backups of their live site data with a view to having the quickest possible level of recovery time should the worst happen.

Design Implementation

We helped the client create a completely new design and then implement this using cutting edge responsive framework based design principles.

Performance Optimisation

From quite a badly performing starting point, we have worked over the years to make the site one of the very fastest sites on the internet, rivalling even giants like Amazon in terms of page load and browser rendering speed

Customer Relationship Management

We enabled the consolidation of messages from multiple email inboxes, automatically importing these against orders to be managed via the single order administration area. We also facilitated allowing orders to be marked for the attention of specific admin staff with a clear audit trail.

XML Based Supplier Ordering

Where possible, utilising suppliers' XML API driven ordering systems to allow one click drop shipping orders to be placed directly from the order administration area. We get real time stock and price updates to ensure the correct margins and availability.

Memory Foam Warehouse

Large scale Magento Multistore. We provide technical assistance and resources to complement their in house development team

Thanks to Edmonds Commerce our site is one of the fastest large scale Magento Enterprise sites out there, without breaking the bank on hosting. It is great knowing that if we have any technical problems or emergencies they are only a phone call away.

Memory Foam Warehouse is part of the GNG group. They specialise in specialist foam products and their Memory Foam Warehouse brand has both a large retail presence and a big online offering.

Using Magento Enterprise, their store features one primary store front and a few subsidiary stores that focus on particular niches or brands. It is a busy site and we have worked hard with them to get the store running as quickly as possible, with impressive results.

Memory Foam warehouse have their own internal developers, designers and other resources. We work closely with them to supplement their in house resources and to provide extra technical assistance and development resource to allow them to achieve their goals.

Git based Deployment System

A fully version-controlled, roll-backable deployment system was put in place. This allows both in-house and third party developers to work on the code base. All changes are tracked and gives the client, with our assistance, the ability to roll back any changes from any time.

Magento Actions Logging

Utilising the built in Magento ACL system, a tracking logging system was created in order to allow limited access to the admin staff. Their activity here is logged providing a full audit trail

Frontend Implementation

A new store front was created using PSD files created by their in-house design team.

Third Party Code Optimisation

Problems identified in code provided by third parties was corrected in place

Server Setup and Administration

A staging server was set up and integrated into the deployment plan

Training and Support

We have provided technical assistance to their in-house development team when needed

Data Security

To ensure that customer data remained secure, we created a tool that removes all customer information from their staging server before third parties were given access to it

Server Optimisation

We took an already well preforming site and improved it further to the point where pages are being served up. At the end of our optimisation process, page were being served in 1 tenth of a second.


Famous for the Buckley London Poppy, Buckley London are the largest designer of costume and fashion jewellery in the UK. Global award winning designs retailing around the world and online

Buckley London branded products sell world wide. If you have ever seen a Jewellery stand in the duty free section, chances are high it was Buckley jewellery you were looking at.

In addition to their core channels, Buckley have made big inroads into the ecommerce thanks to a nicely understated Magento site that lets the products do the talking.

Buckley have their own in house design resources who we work with to keep the site looking great. Design changes are created by Buckley and then passed to us to be implemented as high quality Magento themes.

Our role has been to provide the technical support and development resource they need to implement their ideas and designs and to assist with things like SEO and keeping the Magento installation up to date.

It has been great to work with Edmonds Commerce on things like improving our SEO, implementing new designs and store fronts and helping the site cope with big traffic spikes caused by our marketing efforts.

Ongoing Magento Support

Buckley London are a long standing customer who have maintained a retainer contract under which we have provided ongoing support, ad-hoc consultation and on-the-fly changes as required

SEO Analysis and Implementation

We undertook a detailed SEO analysis on Buckley's website, providing a report and recommentdations which were implemented across the site

Bespoke Development

We have developed several bespoke Magento extensions for Buckley's unique requirements

Frontend Development

We implemented the theme used on Buckley's website and have continued to implement visual refreshes to keep up with Buckley's dynamic business approach

Magento Upgrades

Initially on Magento 1.6, we have kept Buckley's website up to date as new Magento versions are released

M2E Installation

We have installed and configured M2E to integrate their Magento website with their eBay sales

Server Migration

We oversaw the migration of Buckley London to a dedicated server, which is faster, more secure and gives them better control over the site


Having implemented their Magento website at the start, we provided on-site training to ensure they could make the best use of their new software


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