Lunch socials

Lunch is straight after the Stand-up, so nominally at 1pm, but this depends on the length of the stand-up.

Many of us generally go for lunch on the canal round the corner. It's a good way to get together to talk about whatever is on our minds - sometimes it's work related, sometimes it's about technology in general, sometimes it's completely random!

Canal 1 Canal 2

Local Lunch Vendors

Many of us bring in packed lunches. Feel free to use the fridge in the office.

If you prefer to purchase some lunch from a local outlet, there's quite a few to choose from:

  • Spud Hut: A sandwich bar selling jacket potatoes, paninis, pasties, sandwiches and much more.
  • Asda: Our closest supermarket up in the middle of Shipley.
  • McDonalds: Across the road form Shipley Train Station.
  • Greggs: Amongst Shipley's shopping parade in it's Market Square.
  • Subway: Approximately 10 mins away, just outside of Shipley's Market Square.