Setting Up Printer on PC

Adding a printer to a PC is fairly easy, just follow the steps below:

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  • Click on Printers and press unlock.

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  • Insert your password.
  • Click add and then on the printer you want to connect to.

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  • Click add again and you are done.

Troubleshooting Printer - Not Accepting Jobs.

The following instructions have been documented in the case that the printer starts giving the error "Printer Not Accepting Jobs". These are taken from the Fedora 27 Wiki.

Firstly, make sure that you have the program "Printing Troubleshooter". If not, install it using the following command in the terminal: su -c 'dnf install system-config-printer'

When prompted in the terminal, enter "Y" and press enter to start the download. Once it's finished downloading and installing, press the Windows Key and open up "Printer Settings".

Printer Settings

You will be presented with this small window. Click on "Help" at the top of the window, and then click "Troubleshoot" in the drop down menu.

Printer Settings Window

I was unable to recreate this process that continues from here after fixing the initial error, however, the process is fairly simple. You will be presented with a list of printers with it's error detailed as well. Click on the printer you would like to troubleshoot and click on "Forward". From there, you will be asked a few questions as well as the opportunity to print off a test page. If the page prints perfectly, then you've fixed the error!