Building A Desktop

Parts List

  • Tower Case
  • Motherboard
  • Cpu
  • GPU
  • Ram
  • PSU
  • NVMe SSD
  • CPu Cooler
  • Additional fans if needed

Assemble steps

  1. Ground yourself by touching the Case.
  2. Place Motherboard on a flat surface.
  3. Following the indicated marker on CPU, carefully aline and place CPU in Motherboard Socket and lock the latch.
  4. Place Ram sticks in the DIMM(ram)slot on the Motherboard.
  5. Remove screw on Pcie1 Slot (Usually placed under GPU Socket)
  6. Place NVMe SSD into NVMe slot and replace screw in the PCie1 slot to hold the SSD in place.
  7. Install CPU Fan (with underbracket if needed) adjust position to ensure there is enough clearance over the RAM.
  8. Place Motherboard in Case on the Motherboard standoffs and in alignment with the screw holes and fix it to the Case.
  9. Install PSU in the appropriate slot and arrange cables in a neat orderly fashion.
  10. Connect the necessary power and Case cables up to their adjacent fixtures ensuring you keep enough room for the Gpu to be installed.
  11. Place GPU into the motherboard and fix it to the back of the case using the screw provided on the case fixture and connect the power cable.
  12. Replace side panel back on the case.