CanonScan LiDE 220 Scanner

In the office we use a CanonScan LiDE 220 scanner.

Installing dependencies

In order to get this functional on Fedora he have to use the following command:

sudo dnf install xsane

Running this command will install the required drivers and the software in order to use the scanner.

Using Xsane

Upon opening the XSane software, you will see 4 different sized windows open, providing different options and functions for scanning

  1. XSane 0.999 LiDE 220:002 Window: This window is your main window in regards to basic options. It has a standard menu bar running along the top (FIle, Preferences, View, Window, Help). Below is a list of the different options accessible from this window. Hovering over a button/option in the XSane window will reveal its purpose. The key ones are:

    • Browser for image file name
    • Type of image format
    • Set scan resolution (use 150 for good quality text)

    The Scan button at the bottom will then allow you to scan the document

  2. Preview window: When the machine has finished scanning a document, it will be visible in the "Preview LiDE" window. From here you can see what your document looks like after the scan. If you need to changes some options such as the contrast and brightness, that can be done on the XSane window (see point 1 above).

  3. Histogram: The Histogram windows shows you the colour balance for the document you are scanning. You can use the sliders to change this, and the results are seen on the graph below labeled "Enhanced Image".

  4. Standard Options: This window allows you to set the bit depth of the document. From the drop down menu, you can choose from 8bit or 16bit.

In order to properly save the document, make sure you have selected "Viewer" from the drop down list next to "Number of Pages to Scan". Once this has been set and you have scanned your document, it will open in a new preview window. Once you are happy with it, hit Ctrl+S to save the document in the desired location.