Tea and Coffee Machines

  1. Removed filter paper with contents from any previous use
  2. Place fresh filter paper inside.
  3. Either place 8 Flat spoons (spoon in box) of Coffee or 6 flat Table spoons of Tea, make sure you use the correct machine, Tea is the on Left and Coffee is on the Right.
  4. Make sure the water container is filled to the level of 10, so it will produce enough tea and coffee for everyone.
  5. Make sure the glass jar is inside the machine correctly with the lid down and the handle outwards.
  6. Press the Power button on the machine,(Tea is the centre bottom button, Coffee is the far right button) wait for the brewing process to finish.
  7. Pour yourself a nice cuppa!

Coffee Grinder

Here is the instructions on how to use the Coffee Grinder

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