Creating Client Profiles

When a new client joins us for work, we put together a "Client Profile" detailing general informaiton about them, making easier to gather the info we need.

Below is an example fo this.

Profile Example

Creating Initial File

Open the handbook container in your IDE (Pycharm, PHPStorm etc) and create a new page in the "Confidential-Categories/Client-Profiles" folder by right clicking "Client-Profiles", clicking "New" and then "File".

Client Profiles Folder

Name the new file after the client (remembering to add hyphons) and set the file type as ".md".

Naming File

We can now start adding content to that file.

Adding Content

Below shows each bit of content we need to add, along with how it should look in your IDE previewer and the markdown needed.
For a better referrence, see the screenshot of the client profile above to see how it should be appearing in your browser.

  • Title: Type the name of the client as shown below, adding hyphons under it (see below) to give it the appropriate heading.
Robert Bernard & Son Ltd

Profile Title

  • Add the logo for the client's website by linking it through. Make sure that the logo has been added to the "Client-Profile-Images" folder before doing this.
![IMAGE DESCRIPTION](Creating-Client-Profiles-Images/NAME-OF-IMAGE.png)

Adding Logo

  • Description: Add a line below the logo to describe the site. You can copy the text that appears when you mouse of the website's tab in your browser.


  • Website URL: Copy and paste the URL under the desciption on a bullet-pointed new line.

  • Projects System URL: Take the URL for the company on the projects system and past it on a new bullet-pointed line.

  • Projects Inbox Emails: Type this out on a new like and turn it into a clickable link that takes you to the projects inbox displaying all emails from the client.

[Projects Inbox Emails](  

Profile Links

Now we need to add the "Points of Contact" section. Start this off by creating a large header with this title.

Points of Contact

Then add the title and name of each point of contact we have saved on the projects system. Each contact should be on a new line and bullet-pointed. Turn the name that you've entered into a hyper link that takes you through to the contact details of that person on the projects system.

* Director: [Alastair Boyd](

Points of Contact

Finally, add "Client Docs" Link on a new line below and turn that into a hyperlink that takes you through to their client documentation.
The link to this the same as the link to their Jira. Just replace jira. at the begining with docs..

[Client Docs Link](

Client Docs Link

Linking Through To Slack

Now that that page is completed, push it up to the handbook, copy it's handbook page link, and post it in #admin_new_clients on Slack with the message "CLIENTNAME profile:".
Also, make sure you pin it to the channel so that we don't loose the profile in the chat log.

Profile to Slack