The links in the handbook should link to the actual .md file rather than an html url.
The Markdown syntax for links is the following:

[clickable text](actual path)
Here are some examples:
Let say we want to link from this page to the Friday Socials page.
1. The correct way friday socials
[friday socials](../../Culture-and-Social/
2. The incorrect way that will still work but is wrong (DON'T USE THIS)
This is a HTML url friday socials
[friday socials](/Culture-and-Social/Friday-Socials)
3. The incorrect way that doesn't work. Using an html link with .md at the end. This will return a 404. friday socials
[friday socials](/Culture-and-Social/

Use the web links when wanting to link to an external page.

[clickable text](actual url)
Here is one simple example: click here for google

In case there are any links that are in the format mentioned above (2. and 3.) they need correcting.
Start by running the following script in the root of the project.

find ./docs/ -iname "*md" -type f -exec grep  '\[[^]]*\]([^h][^)]*[^d])' {} + | grep -v "png\|svg\|gif\|jpg" | sed 's#^\([^:]*\):\(.*\)#[\1](\1) ---  \2#' >
This will generate a file in the root of the project called This will contain the potential broken links. Go through the list and make sure all the flagged up links are corrected.


Make sure not to change the ones in this exact file as they are examples