Deleting An Account Associated to Google Suite.

Like most things we use online here, our accounts for Insightly are made through our GMail addresses.
This allows us to easily link things such as files from the associated drive and emails from the inbox for that address.
With this in mind, deleting an account like this can cause any files or emails added this way to be deleted along the way.

Checking Drive Files

NOTE: Please check these following steps before deleting the account!!

To ensure these don't get deleted, we need to check for anything that has been linked from the account you are looking to delete.

Head over to Insightly's Opportunity log, click on the drop-down menu called "Filter" and click on the user you want to delete.

Filter User

You'll need to check each oportunity under this user to check if they've added any files or emails through their google account.

For files, click on the Opportunity's "Files" tab.
If there is no number on the files tab, then there are none present.
Files Tab

You'll see if it's been added via Google by checking the right handside of the file entry.
Google Doc

Double check that this was added by the user you're looking to delete by confirming the name under the file title where it says "By:".

If user that added the file is indeed the one you're looking to delete, you'll have to download a copy off of their Google Drive and add upload it to the Drive linked to the account you want to keep and add it form there.

For example, if we wanted to delete the user "Edmonds Commerce" (Which we dont!!) then you would have to find the file on their Drive that has been uploaded by them, re-upload it to another user's Drive that is linked to Insightly and add the file to the opportunity again under the account you want to keep.

TLDR: All Google Drive files need to be sotred on the Drives associated with active Insightly users.

Repeat these steps for Organisations and Contacts as well.

Checking Emails

The same concept as the files applies to the emails. Seeing as the Insightly account we're deleting is a Gmail account, then all emails imported form that user's inbox will also be deleted.

Check the email owner. If this is the user you're looking to delete, then we need to change the inbox that the email is found in.
Email Owner

Simply click through to display the linked email and forward it to the Gmail address of the Insightly account you want to keep.
For example, the account we want to keep it "Jake Jones". Any emails added from that user's account will need to be forwarded to the email address for "Edmonds Commerce" and then added through their inbox.

Deleting the Account

NOTE: PLEASE don't skip the above process without checking first! It may result in losing important files and conversations via email relating to client projects. If you've checked ALL files and emails to ensure we don't loose anything, you're ready to delete the account in question.

Log into the account you'd like to keep, click on the top right button and select "System Settings".
System Settings

Then click on "Users" on the right hand side of tha page.

You'll then see a list of the accounts you have for this Insightly. Find the one you want to delete, click on the 3 dots to the right of the entry on the page and click "Delete".


This will bring up the warning you see down below. You'll be asked to select an account that you want to re-assign everything to. Simply select the accounts you want for reach of these, and click on "Reassign And Delete User".

Reassign User

Note: This will not alter thr billing for your account.
No Changes To Billing

Double check that this has worked by going back to the "Users" page in Insightly and seeing which accounts are present.