How to create and set up Jira

  1. Create the container. Every Jira exists in its own container on cluster2. This simply means we have to go into cluster2 and create the container. Follow the following instructions to do this:



Not until you are 100% sure Jira is ready.

  1. Open up a terminal
  2. First we need to ssh into cluster 2. In the terminal input the following command.
    ssh cluster2
  3. Then change the directory.
    cd /opt/Projects/snippets-edmondscommerce/Cluster/shellscripts/cluster/setupPublicFacingContainers/setupClientJira
  4. Pick a client name for the Jira that is short but recognisable

    • It'll be a good idea to input the command containerList so that you have a list of names already in use.
    • Normally we try aim for 4 or less characters.
  5. You then need to input the following command, changing the "clientname" to the name you have chosen. For example: bash ./run.bash ec is what we might use for Edmonds Commerce.

    bash ./run.bash clientname

  6. You will see the terminal going through the script and eventually reach a point where it is complete.

You then need to head on over to the jira you just created by typing in the URL. It should be jira.ec.clientname.edmondscommerce.net. Swapping client name out for the actual name you used.

Once there, select the option for setting things up yourself and then fill out the information on the screen with the details in the terminal. Scroll up to find them.

  1. You need to request the client to purchase a jira license so we can use it on their server. We need to supply them the server ID which can be found after following the steps above on the last jira page.

  2. Once they have given you the jira license key you are ready to go ahead and start setting up jira for the client. The first thing we do is create an account. For the admins we simply create an account called admin with the current master password and info@ email address.

  3. We then need to create a info sharing project. If you run into an error trying to create the project then please look at the following or move on to the next step which is "Continuing Jira configuration".

Jira details not working for database.

This is an issue that needs to be fixed but the temporary solutions is to

  1. Use the sshContainer command to get into the container you just created for the jira install.
  2. use `cat ~/.my.cnf' in the terminal to get the root user and password.
  3. Use the above info to fill out the database form.

If you run into the following error while trying to create a project after setup

Error creating project, XSRF check failed

You need to add the proxy name into the server.xml file

You need to run the following command: vim /opt/atlassian/jira/conf/server.xml and then Add the following to line 36 you can see the other config there as well so it should be clear how it should look.

proxyname="jira.[client_name].edmondscommerce.net" proxyPort="443" scheme="https"

Continuing Jira configuration

Create an info sharing project called info. To do this, make it a task project

http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Training/Onboarding-Developer/#working-with-jira http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Adding-Swimlanes-To-A-Kanban-Board/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Adding-Time-Tracking-To-Kanban_Board/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Creating-A-Custom-Jira-Dashboard/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Custom-Issue-Type-Scheme/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Granting-Access-To-A-Specific-Project/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Jira-Components/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Releases/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Removing-Mention-Comments/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Setting-Up/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Sharing-Sensitive-Information/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Testing-Project-Practices/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Updating-Jira/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/Workflows-&-Workflow-Schemes/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/access/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/creating-tickets/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/home-screen/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/kanban/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/projects/ http://jira.ec.edmondscommerce.net:8010/Support/Jira/reports/