The inboxes

As long as you have logged into them in the right order, then the links should work fine. 1. Info inbox 2. Projects inbox 3. Personal inbox (we generally find it best as last)

info@ inbox

The main inbox you will help manage. You will find a variety of emails come into here such as sales leads, recruiters, advertisements and things related to


projects@ inbox

You shouldn't need to be in here too much but there may be the odd occasion where you are asked to look at something or even reply to an email:




Editing the handbook - Instructions

Before editing the handbook

Before editing the handbook, you will need to attach to the container.
To do so, you'll need to open the terminal (Can be found at the bottom of the window in PhpStorm/PyCharm).
Then you'll need the following command:

lxc-attach ec-internal-jira
This will get you inside the container, then you'll need to go the the mkdocs directory.
cd /var/www/vhosts/mkdocs/
At any point if you are not sure you are in the container or not just use the following command to check.
If the hostname is ec-internal-jira-desktop, then it means you are already inside the container. If not, you need to use lxc-attach as described above.

Editing the handbook

Open PyCharm and open the mkdocs project. Before doing any work on the handbook, you'll need to be up to date with the latest version of the handbook.
To do so, at the bottom of the page, open the terminal and type:

git pull
Press Enter

This ensures you have the most current version before editing.

Back in Mkdocs at the top of the page

Expand (using navigation arrows) folder:

docs (top folder)
This opens the handbook in it's current form. At this point we can start editing pages.

Note: you can see the changes taking place on the right hand side of the screen.

Once you are finished making your changes

Go back to the terminal at the bottom of the page and press Enter to activate

Then type:

git add --all
Press Enter

Then type:

git commit -m "your update message or description" 
Then press Enter (avoid putting any special characters in your comment)

Then type:

git push
Press Enter

At that point your changes should upload, however if you get an error message in the terminal that means someone else is also editing and updating the handbook at the same time, so you are not in the latest version.

To resolve this type:

git pull

Press Enter After doing a pull, you'll get a merge message in VIM. To exit out of it, just do the following: Press Shift and ; to get a colon (:) and then press x which will basically get you :x and then press enter.
If for any reason you do anything wrong in VIM, see below or ask for help.

Got stuck in VIM?

Press ESC a couple of times times. This tells VIM to go back into normal mode. Then for quitting vim just type :q! and press enter This will quit out of vim and take you back to where you were in the terminal.
Here is a link to more info on VIM

How to search for files and folders within Pycharm

Within a specific file

Ctrl + F

Within all files

Ctrl + Shift + F

All files AND folders

Double press Shift


Here are some simple markdown syntax snippets

Titles and headings

#Your text here
Gives the appearance of a large heading as above.
##Your text here
Gives the appearance of a sub-heading as above.