Zend Certification

Zend Certification Preparation

  • The exam is very tricky and confuses you. You need to practise the example as well.
  • When you have time to review your answer, go through the answers and only change them if you are sure.
  • Exam is about PHP 7.1, so do not study the updated functionality of any higher version, you might get confused in the exam and select the option which works for 7.2+ and not for 7.1
  • Be sure to know about the parameters, returns of the array functions.
  • There were 75 questions in total
        array_merge() does not need two arrays
  • The Book is a great help
  • Be sure to go through Php.net, read the documentation and go through examples
  • FAQ
  • Zend Exam Questions are tricky like these
  • Edwords-Designer
  • Practice and Practice


function z($x) {
    return function($y) use ($x) {
        return str_repeat($y,$x);
$a = z(2);
$b = z(3);
echo $a(3), $b(2);//what is the output
    $var = function() { return 'value';};
    echo gettype($var); //output??
  • Questions relating get_file_content Post
  • http_response_code
  • Does http send cookie when requesting image
  • Static functions
  • Late static binding
  • PDO transactions with exceptions etc
  • Constants
  • Questions List

  • Go to this page and click on any file.

  • It will take you to exam simulation site
  • Create an account and import the file and then you can take the practice exams.
  • You can create account to see the answers as well.
  • By default you get the exam for 30 questions and no answers.
  • But if you purchase membership then you can go up to 60 questions per exam and see the answers.
  • If you are not willing to purchase the plan then you can use this method.

  • Create temp emails and use this to sign up again and again.