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Job in Leeds Bradford

As of January 2014, Edmonds Commerce are looking for Full Stack PHP Developers to join the team.

As you will gather from the site, our focus is on the technical side of things and we are Linux based from top to bottom so you really must be happy and comfortable with Linux. You can choose your own distro though we tend to split between Ubuntu (Mint, etc) and Fedora. In terms of IDE we all use PHPStorm here and will be happy to sort you out a copy.

If you come and work with us we will ensure that you are both Zend Certified and Magento Certified as quickly as reasonably possible. Your PHP level should be good enough to pass the ZCE exam with a bit of revision and exam prep and then we will work on getting you through your MCD exam.

Edmonds Commerce are a Leeds/Bradford based PHP Development specialist agency who focus entirely on the field of e-commerce. It’s a great field to work in as a developer with lots of challenging projects that constantly push you as a developer.

If you are a highly motivated and skilled PHP developer and would like to work with us, please do get in touch.

PHP Developer Leeds Bradford

Our office is based in Shipley about five minutes walk from Shipley train station. The train station is one train stop out of Leeds (around 12 minutes) and two stops out of Bradford. We used to be based in Leeds city centre and maintain ties with both Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University. You can see full directions to find us here.


Leeds is undoubtedly one of the web hot spots in the north. Excellent rail and motorway links mean that Leeds has nationwide appeal. The two universities mean that there is a ready supply of highly skilled developers and designers. Also an excellent infrastructure tosupportnew businesses so new agencies are springing up all the time.


As we are based in Shipley, we now have a Bradford post code though we are only one train station stop out of Leeds compared to three stops out of Bradford. In terms of time there isn't too much in it. We like Bradford and are happy to be based here however we haven't really found a geek scene in the same was Leeds. As a place to work though its great, come and check it out.

PHP Leeds & NorthWest

PHP is an awesome language as we know. It also has a really lively conference and user group scene in the UK. As of recently, Leeds now has it’s very own PHP user group as well – Leeds PHP.

We also have the excellent PHP Northwest user group over in Manchester. Whilst a bit too far for us to wander over to their weekly meetings, we always enjoy going to the annual conference and learning some great new PHP skills then winding down afterwards.

Magento Developer Job Leeds Bradford

Are you a highly skilled PHP developer based in or around the Leeds / Bradford area (or willing to relocate)?

Fancy working on challenging and rewarding e-commerce projects using open source platforms such as Magento, Zend Framework, Open Cart etc?

If so please do get in touch. Edmonds Commerce are always looking for motivated and skilled individuals to join the team.

Our work ranges from implementing entirely new sites, creating Magento themes from PSD files and often creating custom functionality for platforms like Magento including API integrations etc.

Our main focus is on the development side of things and it can get very technical. If that sounds like fun then you should get in touch with us today.

We expect our developers to either be Zend Certified or at least at the standard where they would pass the ZCE exam.


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