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Job in Leeds Bradford

As of , Edmonds Commerce are looking for Full Stack PHP Developers, Automation Testers and Effective Project Managers to join the team.

We are based in Shipley which is an easy commute from Leeds/Bradford and surrounding area. We are right next to Shipley train station.

We will work with you to improve your knowledge and qualifications over time. We are always trying to do things better.

Come and join our small and friendly team, work with our great clients and enjoy working on challenging and rewarding projects.

PHP Developer

PHP Developer Role

PHP Developer Job Leeds/Bradford

As you will gather from the site, our focus is on the technical side of things. We are Linux based from top to bottom so you really must be happy and comfortable with using the Linux operating system. We also use the Fedora distro. In terms of IDE we all use PHPStorm here. We'll be more than happy to sort you out with a copy, should you join us.

If you do come and work with us we will ensure that you are both Zend Certified and Magento Certified as quickly as reasonably possible. Your PHP level should be good enough to pass the ZCE exam with a bit of revision and exam preparation. Once you are Zend Certified, we will then work on getting you through your Magento Certified Developer exam.

Edmonds Commerce are a Leeds/Bradford based PHP Development specialist agency who focus entirely on the field of e-commerce. It’s a great field to work in as a developer, with lots of challenging projects that constantly push your skills.

PHP Developer Leeds Bradford

Our office is based in Shipley, about five minutes walk from Shipley train station. The train station is one train stop out of Leeds (journey ranging from 15-20 minutes) and two stops out of Bradford Forster Square. We used to be based in Leeds city centre and maintain ties with both Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University. You can see full directions to find us here.


Leeds is undoubtedly one of the web hot spots in the north. Excellent rail and motorway links mean that Leeds has nationwide appeal. The two universities mean that there is a ready supply of highly skilled developers and designers. Also an excellent infrastructure to support new businesses so new agencies are springing up all the time!


As we are based in Shipley, we now have a Bradford postcode though we are only one train station stop out of Leeds compared to three stops out of Bradford. In terms of time there isn't too much in it. We like Bradford and are happy to be based here however we've found that Bradford doesn't really have much of a geek scene in comparison to Leeds. As a place to work though it's great! Come and check it out!

PHP Leeds & NorthWest

PHP is an awesome language, as we know. It also has a really lively conference and user group scene in the UK. As of recently, Leeds now has it’s very own PHP user group as well – Leeds PHP.

We also have the excellent PHP Northwest user group over in Manchester. Whilst a bit too far for us to wander over to their weekly meetings, we always enjoy going to the annual conference and learning some great new PHP skills, followed by a winding down afterwards.

Test Automation Developer

Test Automation Developer Role

Test Automation Developer Job Leeds/Bradford

Asking our clients to test their staging sites and waiting for feedback has been one of the most common causes of project delays simply because of the nature of manual tests, so instead we use automated tests to massively speed up the acceptance process. In this role you will be working on developing and maintaining these automated tests for new and existing clients.

This role will introduce you into the world of test automation using various different tools and methodologies, you can get a quick idea of this by visiting our Automation stack handbook page which shows some of what we use.

You will be working alongside the developers taking over any testing work that needs to be completed. This will range from testing complete new builds that are still in development or already existing sites.

You will also be placing yourself in the shoes of the customer while going through a clients site and thinking of all the different ways they might interact with the website and then writing this down as user stories in the form of Gherkin.

Project Manager

Effective Project Manager Role

Project Manager Job Leeds/Bradford

Working on client projects ranging from ongoing support through to large builds and rebuilds, the work is always varied, often complex and challenging but ultimately very rewarding.

Agile project management is something that you will be using to varying degrees though the role will include full training and ultimately qualification as an Agile PM.

The role requires the kind of person who will enjoy helping clients achieve their goals, solve their problems and improve their business, is that you?

Your role will start when the customer has booked work with us and will manage the project lifecycle from the start to the finish. Acting as the conduit of information and organisation between client, third parties and our internal development team - you are in charge of keeping the project on track and all stakeholders fully appraised of the progress.


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