A simple way to imagine the process of optimisation is that of making the best use of what you have.

Rather than throwing more resources at a problem, optimisation means finding a way to make the resources you have available work harder and more efficiently.

Squeezing the Most out of your Technology

As developers, the first thing we tend to look at when optimising is performance. No website can be too fast. Some times you simply need a more powerful server if you want your site to run faster; however, before taking this approach it is definitely worth making sure that you are not suffering from code or database queries that are slowing things down unnecessarily.

One such example is on dedicated servers with plentiful RAM: there are generally all kinds of things we can do to make best use of that memory to provide a very fast caching system for your website. By utilising RAM instead of disk access requests are handled much faster than they were before.

Magento Performance Optimisation

Complex e-commerce systems such as Magento can sometimes suffer with slower speeds owing to the kinds of work they are trying to do and the levels of flexibility involved. We have lots of experience debugging performance issues with Magento and making sure that server configuration and code is optimised to make the best use of caching. Furthermore we will work to ensure that on a cold cache, pages still load as quickly as possible.

We offer our advice and expertise to assist you in planning and executing online business growth and change plans.

Get the Most out of Your System

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Most online businesses are run using a collection of separate systems. The only thing that is holding it all together tends to be the people working in the business.

Building a Joined Up Business that Works as a Whole

You can achieve amazing efficiencies by making your separate systems work together automatically, freeing up human resources to handle more business and more complex tasks.

Removing the human element from repetitive processes you can reduce errors and provide your customers with a better experience – the kind that will bring them back again.

ERP Systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems form the backbone of your business. If you already have an ERP system in place that you are happy to continue using, then building a solid and reliable integration should be very high on your wish list.

Payment Gateway

Your payment gateway, payment service provider (PSP) handles all of the credit and debit card processing for your store. A tight and complete integration will allow you to get up to date information on payment directly from your admin and perform actions such as authorisations and refunds.


Many suppliers have some form of EDI or XML integration system allowing you to place stock or drop ship orders programmatically. This means that from the comfort of your admin you can facilitate prompt and accurate ordering directly with your suppliers at the click of a button.


An integration with your courier or shipping partner means that the process of creating and tracking shipments becomes a breeze. Orders are automatically updated with the correct tracking information and customers can see directly the status of their shipment.


The possibilities for marketing an ecommerce web shop are limitless. These days it is almost taken for granted that a marketer will be able to create segmented customer lists for direct marketing efforts. Integration with marketing service APIs allows the creation of powerful and effective marketing campaigns with the minimum of effort.


In addition to powering your direct online ecommerce presence, we can help you integrate with third party sales and marketing channels that will allow you to drive further your business, turnover and profits.


Talk to us about how you can intelligently apply automation to your business and enjoy increased profits and growth

Automate for Scale, Efficiency and Profit

Stock/Price Updates

Keeping your stock and price figures up to date on your own site, and any other channels that you sell on, is vital. Performing this task manually can be time consuming. By automating this process you can be sure that your prices and stock levels are right; you are selling at profit and not overselling.

Order Imports

Importing orders automatically from third party channels, allocating stock and doing as much order processing as possible automatically means that your ecommerce business can scale easily and handle spikes in turnover without trouble.


Keeping your customers up to date with the latest information on their orders means that they do not need to take up staff time contacting you for updates. Well informed customers are happy customers and that is good for everyone.

Product Updates

Automatically importing new products and updating existing products with new data supplied by your suppliers, product data providers or other means can be a huge time saver and also has the benefit that it keeps your catalogue as fresh and rich as possible.


Automated marketing can mean things like abandoned basket emails (perhaps with enticing offers) and can stretch to quite complex conditional logic to push the right message at exactly the right time. Perhaps you would like to segment your customers by product type and then contact them when particularly good offers become available? Talk to us about implementing automated marketing strategies.


If you work with other businesses and supply them on a wholesale or dropship basis then there are lots of possiblities for building rich integrations that allow you to accept orders from them and supply them with all of the stock, price, product and order information they need to sell your products and do business with you.

Get More out of Your System

Optimising your code and your systems for maximum benefit

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Whether your business is growing organically over time, or is more explosive and dynamic, we can help you ensure that your business stays running – and running well!

Bigger and Better; We Can Help You Get There

You Can Concentrate on Growth

I’m afraid we don’t have the secret to limitless growth. It is your market, making your business grow is down to finding a niche you can trade in profitably and competitively and a route to your customers that is cost effective and converts your visitors into customers.

What we can do is ensure that everything on the technical side is covered so that you can concentrate on the core task of running your business and finding your route to growth.

The chances are, no matter how big your site is, we know how to make it work – and work well.

Allow Us to Ensure Scalability

You need to be able to put all of your efforts into growing your business, you definitely don’t need to be worrying about whether a successful marketing campaign that drives a spike of traffic is going to bring down your online presence.

We can advise you and work with your hosting company or directly on your hosting infrastructure to implement technologies and solutions that will allow your web site to cope with large spikes of traffic. All you have to do now is drive the traffic.

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