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Some of our larger clients prefer to keep the fact that we are working for them a private matter, which we fully understand and are happy to oblige.

We have clients that work in all kinds of industries, from primarily B2C through to primarily B2B. Our largest clients are turning over 7 figures per month and have catalogue sizes in the hundreds of thousands of products. Each of our clients has their own unique needs and challenges that we help them to overcome.

We have helped countless e-commerce businesses, agencies and other organisations meet their requirements for expert PHP development and consultancy

Examples of Work Carried Out

Catalogue Management

Bespoke catalogue management system that pulls in product data, inventory and price information from multiple sources. The system then processes this information and updates the site and various channels

Markups Calculation

A powerful bespoke system to manage calculating the supplier to be used for cost pricing, what markup to apply to that cost price and then a variety of other checks and processes that result in a final selling price

Server Administration

Management of multiple servers to supplement the services of the client’s hosting company. We have heavily optimised the performance and security of the servers and implemented a rigorous backup system

Backup System

In addition to their hosting company backup, we implemented a system that uses a cost effective unmanaged dedicated server to handle large scale backups of their live site data with a view to having the quickest possible level of recovery time should the worst happen.

Design Implementation

We helped the client create a completely new design and then implement this using cutting edge responsive framework based design principles.

Performance Optimisation

From quite a badly performing starting point, we have worked over the years to make the site one of the very fastest sites on the internet, rivalling even giants like Amazon in terms of page load and browser rendering speed

Customer Relationship Management

We enabled the consolidation of messages from multiple email inboxes, automatically importing these against orders to be managed via the single order administration area. We also facilitated allowing orders to be marked for the attention of specific admin staff with a clear audit trail.

XML Based Supplier Ordering

Where possible, utilising suppliers’ XML API driven ordering systems to allow one click drop shipping orders to be placed directly from the order administration area. We get real time stock and price updates to ensure the correct margins and availability.

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One of the UK’s premiere male underwear stores with customers around the globe

Founded in 2007, is a specialist men’s underwear and swimwear website dedicated to the best designer fashion brands from around the world.

The website was launched by website and underwear expert Adam Davies in partnership with fashion journalist Jane Garner.

Adam had designed and run a number of online retail stores before the launching of Jane has been involved with the fashion industry for more than 25 years and writes for the UK’s leading intimate apparel trade magazine Underlines about the latest news and developments in men’s underwear.

The site came to us after having been in development for a number of years. DGU had a number of functional as well as performance issues that we needed to solve before pushing the site live. You can read about some of the work we completed below.

We’ve been using Edmonds for over a year now for bug fixing, security fixes and development of new ideas. They’ve proven time and time again to be both professional and on time with their work. But most of all they KNOW how to communicate which is something other companies lack. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Edmonds to anyone.

Work carried out:

Custom Features

Adam has many creative ideas when it comes to pushing his site forward, increasing sales and optimising his teams workflow. We’ve worked closely with Adam to implement many custom features to his exacting specifications. These features have focused on workflow bottlenecks, performance issues and SEO.


During peak times was struggling to keep up with the increased load. This was effecting sales. One of the measures we put in place to solve this was to upgrade to PHP7. This is not supported by Magento and required us to complete a static analysis of the code and modules. With the site now running on PHP7 it responds to requests 50% faster.

New Relic

New Relic is a comprehensive monitoring tool for web applications. We installed and manage New Relic for New Relic allows us to triage issues efficiently (reducing client hours) and detect potential performance problems before they become an issue.

Code Optimisation

When the site first came to use it had a large number of performance issues which were preventing the site from going live. We used profiling tools as well as our experience to diagnose and fix the largest performance problems. This allowed the site to go live and start generating revenue.

Static Code Analysis

Through our analysis of the site using New Relic we discovered that the database wasn’t being used effectively by the custom Magento code used by In order to fix this issue we needed to complete a static analysis of the code (read the code using some smart tools) which highlighted over 34 improper uses of the database for us to fix.

Server Setup and Optimisation

We manage the server setup and configuration for and ensure the server is optimised for Magento as well as secure. This includes NGINX, MySQL, PHP-FPM, New Relic, Redis and other related technologies.

Data Migration was originally running on X-Cart. Adam needed all customer data migrating to the new Magento site without any inconvenience to his customers. This was no issue apart from the encrypted customer passwords. After analysing the X-Cart code base we realised we could decrypt these passwords and import these into Magento using our custom import code.

Responsive 3D Secure Modal

As an example of Adams exacting standards; he wasn’t happy with the standard non-responsive 3D secure modal that everybody else uses. This gave us a chance to get creative and create something totally new. We created a custom Sagepay template that allowed us to scale the 3D secure page from outside the Sagepay iframe and create the effect that it was responsive. This works really well.

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Indigo Precious Metals

International Magento store with real time frontend price updates and a highly secured server

Indigo Precious Metals is the trading name of IPM Group Pte Ltd Singapore. IPM specialises in the supply and physical delivery of investment grade precious metals. Based in Singapore, IPM are able to offer numerous advantages to investors across the world who desire to deal with a trusted, British owned business but with the advantages of being based in Singapore.

As a high growth company, IPM required a solid, reliable and secure platform to support the online business and provide the foundations required to grow.

The solution needed to handle real time price updates across the whole catalogue, multiple stores and currencies and fully automated supply chain integration. This is in addition to the standard requirements of a professional e-commerce platform.

We approached Edmonds Commerce with our Magento Community site that was having issues with managing price refreshes and was frequently crashing. Our store has bespoke functionality which was rewritten and improved upon from start to finish with specific requirements met and now runs much faster.
Indigo Precious Metals

Work carried out:

Git based Deployment System

A fully version-controlled, roll-backable deployment system was put in place. This allows both in-house and third party developers to work on the code base. All changes are tracked and gives the client, with our assistance, the ability to roll back any changes from any time.

Fully Responsive Design

The theme has been carefully developed to provide a very fast and clear browsing experience across a range of devices and internet connection speeds. The theme renders beautifully in all shapes and sizes of device from small phone screens up to high resolution desktop displays.

Multiple Stores

IPM is a truly international company and has customers across the globe. The differentiating factor between these customers tends to be the currency that they prefer to trade in. For this reason, the store has been launched with a separate store for each currency including

Third Party Code Optimisation

Problems identified in code provided by third parties was corrected in place.

Real Time Price Updates

The precious metals industry, like many investment industries, has a very high level of price volatility meaning that prices are changing continuously throughout the trading period of each day. This combined with tight margins mean that it is imperative that prices are kept continuously up to date. The danger of out of date pricing is the very real possibility of trading at a significant loss.

Supply Chain API Integration

To meet this requirement, the platform Edmonds Commerce has provided keeps a constant track of prices and continually updates prices across the website in real time. Comprehensive back end integration with supply chain API endpoints allows the system to stay as up to date as possible with the latest price information in the market.

Server Hardening

Hosted on dedicated hardware and an up to date Linux operating system with a reputable hosting company, the hosting infrastructure for IPM has benefited from various forms of further security hardening to ensure that it remains secure.

Automated Testing

Implementation without testing is like driving without wearing a seatbelt. We adopt a strategy of using automated testing technologies to provide a cross section of unit and integration tests to ensure that the code works and that the final result works properly in the browser.

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