Create your Online Business

Creating a new online business or recreating an existing online business. Here is how we do it.

First Question - Are you a Startup or a Veteran?

The process of creation starts off with understanding where you are at the moment. When we know where you're starting from, we can find our way to where you want to be.

Launching Something New

If you're launching a new business or a business that has not been online before then it might seem that you have a bewildering array of choices to make. We can help you at every step of the way to ensure you have all your bases covered. We can then get the very best return on your investment so that your fledgling business will mature and profit.

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Upgrading your Existing Site

Websites, unlike some of the finer things in life, rarely get better with age. It's true that technology moves on at an almost unimaginable rate. For you this means that, whilst your web site might have been cutting edge as little as five years ago, today it is looking old, lacks functionality and really is in need on an overhaul. We can help.

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Startup as you Mean to Go On

Starting from Scratch means all your Options are Open. Make the right choices now and you will reap future rewards

First principles. Decide where you want to be or you won't know if you get there. We need to establish exactly what it is that you are looking to achieve and find work with you to find the best way to achieve that.

When launching something new it's easy to get overwhelmed with the number of tasks that are ahead. It is imperative that your wishlist is whittled down and prioritised. There will be many things you can do yourself, many things that it makes sense to bring in experts for. We are here to provide you with all of the technical resource you need to achieve your goals.

To make the most efficient use of your resources we need to work together intelligently making sure that effort is being put into the most important areas and that your project stays on track. This is called Agile Project Management and we will show you how it can help you to focus on the end result rather than getting overwhelmed with the details.

Here is an overview of some of the services we can help you with when creating your new business web site.

Feasiblity Study

You have an interesting idea or can see a brilliant opportunity. What needs to happen now is to make sure that it is technically possible to do what you are aiming for without breaking the bank. We can examine the facts and provide you with the information you need to do it the right way.

Design Implementation

You have worked with a brilliant designer to put together the concepts for your web site pages. Now you need someone to make those concepts a reality whilst sticking to the latest in web design implementation best practices. This will mean your site looks great, works across all devices and loads quickly.

Server Setup

When launching a new site, you need a server that is not too expensive in terms of hardware costs but you need to squeeze the most out of it in terms of performance so that you won't have to upgrade any time too soon. We can work with your hosting company to ensure that your hosting environment is secure, version controlled, backed up and well optimised for performance.

Agile Project Management

We have the experience to help you manage your project and not only deliver the technical resources we provide but also help you bring in any other expertise as required keeping control of the whole thing using Agile practices.

Reboot and Revitalise

Revitalising an existing site with the latest technology and design brings the best of both worlds

Perhaps you want to improve the visual appeal of your web site. Perhaps you're looking to upgrade your technology and processes to improve your efficiency and bottom line.

The first thing we need to do is fully understand what you are trying to achieve. We can then help you find the best way to achieve that.

If you are rebuilding then we need to get a full understanding of exactly what areas you are most looking to improve upon. A common reason to rebuild is simply to get your web site looking contemporary, running across mobile and desktop browsers and generally keeping you looking up to date so your customers feel confident to do business with you.

The other major reason to rebuild is if your current platform is holding you back technically. Perhaps you are running multiple web sites and you want to consolidate these into a single multistore implementation with a single administation area. Maybe you need to be able to handle complex pricing rules across different customer groups and you are managing this in a cumbersome and manual fashion.

We can handle your legacy systems and help you update your platform and business processes to allow you to compete in today's marketplace.

Solution Oriented Agile Projects

Solution Oriented Agile Project Management to Deliver Success

No matter whether you're starting up or rebuilding, it's a big project that requires careful planning and management. A top-down waterfall plan may mean that your project can get derailed.

Instead, by using Agile management principles and working closely with you on highly productive iterative development, we can ensure that your project stays on track.

Agile in a Nutshell

Agile is a time-boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project instead of trying to deliver everything all at once at the end.

Frequent releases of new functionality mean that all stakeholders are fully involved, can intercommunicate issues and conerns, working together to make sure the project is a success

An agile project is broken down into small chunks that are then delivered before moving onto the next one. Any issues that arise when developing a chunk, that warrant a change of strategy for the project as a whole, can be acknowledged and accounted for before moving onto the next chunk.

We will isolate chunks of work that need to be done, a sensible order to do them in and will then work through them. External resources can also deliver their iterations to us and all stakeholders can be concurrently productive.

Agile is focused on successful project delivery through repeated successful iterations. Rather than being fixed up front, planning is adaptive. When reality disagrees with the assumptions formed in the initial plan, it does not derail the project. Instead stakeholders can change the plan to account for the new information. This single aspect is perhaps the most valuable to you as a project owner.


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