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If you already have a Magento web site and you need reliable and skilled support services to keep your store in top condition and help you to maximise your opportunities then Edmonds Commerce are also very well placed to give you everything you need.

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One of the first things that users will notice about your web site is the design - the visual aspects of your site, the colour scheme, layout and also the general user experience (or UX in web speak)

These all contribute to the users impressions and willingness to interact with your site and go forth to place an order.

These days web design means more than just making it pretty, it also means making it work well across a variety of devices. For e-commerce sites we always recommend that clients look for a design that is clean and clear and does not get in the way of the core business of letting the user easily and quickly find the product they need and go through to purchase.

These days web design means more than just making it pretty, it also means making it work well across a variety of devices.

There are many choices when implementing a design for your Magento site and the budget range is significant – in fact the design is probably the most elastic part of any Magento implementation.

Keeping costs low

If you want to keep costs as low as possible we highly recommend you have a look at some of the excellent Magento themes that you can purchase for around the £100 mark. Of course there are some free ones and Magento is bundled with a small selection. In general these are so overused that it we recommend steering away from these and looking for something a little bit more exlcusive.

Personalising your design

The next step up is to choose a template as a baseline but then get a visual design created that customises the template into something that is bespoke to your requirements. The level of customisation is really up to you and this is where the price elasticity comes into play, the more customisation the more you will need to budget.

Premium bespoke design

Finally the top drawer service is a fully bespoke design implementation. This gives you the greatest levels of exclusivity and flexiblity. It means you will get a full design package that is perfectly tailored to your branding and target market.

It's worth considering at the design stage how you want to handle the experience that visitors using mobile or tablet devices will be delivered. Your options are essentially to serve up the exact same site as the normal desktop user, to have a custom theme delivered to these users or the solution we prefer is to implement a responsive design that will adapt to different screen sizes dynamically allowing a single web site theme to work across devices.

Whatever your requirements for Magento Design services – get in touch with Edmonds Commerce today and we will help you achieve the greatest results for your investment.


As standard Magento comes with some excellent SEO features meaning that with little effort your site can be highly optimised for SEO. That said like anything there is always more that can be done. In the world of SEO this is generally always true, it's an ongoing effort to keep your site at the top of the listings.

There are two main aspects to SEO: ‘on the page’ SEO meaning the content and structure of your Magento site and then ‘off page’ SEO which involves building links and content external to your site. A modern SEO strategy involves careful application of both SEO methods to give you a natural and rounded SEO boost which avoids pitfalls of over optimisation and potential penalties from the main search engines and gives you a stable base to build strong rankings now and in the future.

Edmonds Commerce are happy work directly for you or closely with any SEO specialist or agency that you have involved to improve the on page SEO of your Magento store. Often an SEO specialist will be able to provide you with a list of issues that need resolving on your site to improve things and solve problems such as duplicate content.

There are a variety of common issues which we are able to advise on and resolve for you with well practiced techniques. If your site has some customisations or structure that is a little more unusual then the solutions may need to be a little more bespoke.

Whatever your SEO requirements Edmonds Commerce are very well placed to help you achieve the best search engine rankings for your Magento store, simply get in touch today.

There are a variety of common issues which we are able to advise on and resolve for you with well practiced techniques

Magento Enterprise

Magento comes in two main versions, the popular and freely available Community Edition and the more rounded and fully featured Enterprise Edition which is targeted at larger enterprises that require extended features, warranty and support that come with the purchase of a Magento Enterprise licence.

For the very large enterprise the best solution is the Magento Enterprise Premium bundle which includes multiple licences for running a server cluster and also includes greater support and guidance to ensure that your web site is built to the highest standards and avoids any pitfalls.

Edmonds Commerce keep a foot in both the Community and Enterprise camps and are happy to service both of these kinds of clients. Our relationship with Magento allows us to access support and resources to assist us in providing you with the highest levels of service.

If you're looking to purchase a Magento Enterprise licence then we will be able to provide this to you at the best possible prices.

For all of your Magento Enterprise requirements contact Edmonds Commerce today and we will help you to get the best out of this excellent platform.


UK based, highly skilled Magento developers are available to hire from Edmonds Commerce to work on your or your clients' projects.

Magento Certified Developer logo

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform written in PHP that has taken the world of e-commerce by storm. There are two versions of Magento available – Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.

The Community edition is perfect for most people. The Enterprise edition is the one you should use if you are more of an enterprise level business rather than a small SME or sole trader business.

Magento Certified Developer logo

Edmonds Commerce have been working with Magento for a few years now and have clients across the globe using both versions of the platform.

Our seasoned developers are all Zend Certified Engineers and Magento Certified Developers meaning your project will enjoy the highest levels of developer skill.

Get in touch with us using the form below to discuss how we can provide you the Magento developer resources you need.


If you have a Magento site then there are no doubt certain aspects of the maintainence and management of the web site that you would appreciate a little help with. This might range from things like upgrades down to one on one training and support in using the platform. If that sounds good to you then read on about our Magento support service.

Edmonds Commerce provide this kind of ongoing monthly support services to a number of clients. We work with you to get the most out of your store, assisting with things like getting it running as quickly as possible, updating plugins and investigating and fixing issues and bugs.

With a powerful and complex platform such as Magento, we find that this kind of wrap around support is really valuable to our clients so that they can ask us when things don’t make sense and generally make sure they are doing things the best way to get the maximum advantage of the platform.

Magento support packages consist of a set number of hours for use as directed by you. We will agree with you a number of hours per month and will then schedule this in a way that suits your requirements. For some people a small number of hours every week is best. For others it makes more sense to have a chunk of time once a month with time in between to build up a list of requirements for the next batch.

We find that this kind of wrap around support is really valuable to our clients so that they can ask us when things don’t make sense and get the maximum advantage of the platform.

If you would like to discuss our Magento monthly support arrangements, please fill out the contact form below. If you'd prefer to speak to us on the phone give us a call on +44 (0)113 880 5654, orwe can call you back


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