Ongoing support contracts to supplement and assist your business resources

Ongoing support means the kind of help you need on a regular basis. It's the kind of support that lets you relax and concentrate on building your business knowing we are here to support you if the technical stuff gets tricky. The majority of our schedule is dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing support for their online business.

There are all kinds of tasks that we help with, from bug fixing to helping to manage servers. Our flexible and solution-oriented approach means you can bring us in as and when you require to help you keep things on the straight and narrow. We are also more than happy to work with and supplement your in-house teams or even third parties.

A large portion of our schedule is dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing support for their online business.

Here are Just Some of the Services we Provide as Part of Our Ongoing Support Contracts:

Bug Fixing

As good as any platform is, there is always the issue of bugs that are in the system. This is especially true of larger scale open source projects that are utilising a core code base and extending it with code from various sources including both community and commercial extensions, bespoke customisations and your particular configuration and deployment details.

We assist our clients with knocking these bugs on the head quickly and efficiently, ensuring that any disruption to business processes is kept to a minimum.

Server Management

Our clients host their websites on a range of different infrastructures and a variety of different hosting companies. We work with your hosting company to ensure that things are set up correctly and that you are getting the most out of your resources.

We have a very strong Linux focus in the company and this enables us to work comfortably and confidently with your servers, working on issues such as security, performance and reslience to ensure that your website stays healthy and responsive.

Bespoke Development

There are many occasions when there just isn't a suitable off the shelf solution for your particular business requirements. Where this is the scenario we can bridge the gap with high quality bespoke PHP development.

Using developers that are both Magento Certified and Zend Certified means that you can be assured that the right levels of skill are in place to provide what you require at a professional level.


Helping you to make the right decisions and make the most of your technology opportunities

In a nutshell, we offer our advice and expertise to assist you in planning and executing online business growth and change plans.

Our consultation services are largely driven by your own requirements. In a nutshell, we offer our advice and expertise to assist you in planning and executing online business growth and change plans. We are happy to work with you in the way that suits you and your organisation best.

Your CTO On Demand

Sometimes what you need is simply someone you can ask the difficult technical questions; someone who can cut through the technical jargon and help you to make the right decisions. We will work with you to research your opportunities and find ways to resolve your problems. It may be that the solutions do not involve our development work, there could be off-the-shelf commercial or free open-source resources that will meet your requirements.

Working With You

You know your business far better than we can hope to. For this reason, it is important that we work closely with you, asking the right questions to make sure that we give the best advice we can for your unique situation.

By asking you the right questions we can then provide educated suggestions and comprehensive answers regarding challenges and opportunities that require more knowledge than you have available in house.


Providing You Training to Get the Most out of Your Magento Platform

This is one of the areas where Edmonds Commerce particularly excel. We provide for our client the opportunity to be taught how to use a system such as Magento.

That means that the kind of ad hoc questions and situations that arise in a training session can be answered to the highest standards.

What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand. Confucius

Rather than have some kind of pre-scripted course for learning a system such as Magento, we prefer to have a very loose schedule that is generally guided by your particular level and requirements. Wherever possible we will teach you to use your own system rather than a default or idealised version of Magento.

Investing in training for you or your teams is perhaps one of the most cost effective ways of making the most out of your Magento web site. We are always amazed by how many people do not understand how much Magento can do as standard and thereby miss out on some of the great things that can be done without anything more than a good understanding of the system and a little time and effort.

Bug Fixing and Issue Resolution

Expert and Efficient Resolution of your Website Issues and Bugs

Success in e-commerce has a lot to do with earning the trust of your visitors so that they go on to become your customers.

A bug free, fast and stable online experience is crucial in reassuring your customers that you are a serious and professional company to deal with.

Furthermore, bugs can cost serious money - especially if they are related to your checkout process or other vital business processes.

It isn't always easy to say immediately the root cause of a bug or issue. For this reason we always work our way inwards, narrowing down the issue until we can be certain we have found the root cause and can then take steps to fix it.

This means extensive use of things like logging to track issues down. Also, reproducing the issue locally and using advanced PHP debugging tools allows us to step through the code in a bug scenario so we can pinpoint the exact location of an issue.

Once we have isolated the issue, we can then take steps to fix it. More often than not there are other people experiencing the same or similar issue and generously share their resolution. However, not all online solutions are ones that should be used; unfortunately there is a lot of well-meaning but bad advice out there.

We will fix the bug, working with you to ensure that no other business processes are disrupted. Once we have a working solution we will then deploy this to your live site. By using version control we have full roll back capabilities should any other undesirable knock-on effects be discovered

Linux Server Administration

Working With your Hosting Company to Provide you with Full Support

Linux is a wonderful operating system; it can however involve a bit of a steep learning curve. Thankfully we have been using it for years.

By using Linux throughout our entire business from our own desktop computers through the servers we manage for ourselves and our clients, we have managed to gain a deep understanding of how to work with the system.

When working with complex e-commerce systems such as Magento, the line often gets blurred between what is a developer level task and what is a sysadmin task. By being highly proficient in both camps we can ensure that things are running smoothly, can assist with migrations and server upgrades and can generally work for you to get the most out of your Linux server.

By being comfortable working on a command line and having a good knowledge of the various tools and techniques that are essential for efficient and productive work, we can provide you with a Linux consultancy service to supplement the support provided by your hosting company.

We can work with you, your technical team and your hosting company to provide things like performance optimisation, issue resolution and debugging, disaster recovery and consultancy. Our knowledge of the application side means that we can bring a valuable insight.

Version Control

Getting Your Source Code Under Control Allows Seamless Collaboration Between your Stakeholders and Third Parties

Version control is the essential ingredient to ensure that any action made on your code can be undone, even at a much later date. It means that bugs can be tracked down to specific code changes and resolved or rolled back. It means that instead of bouncing around wildly, your project is guided by the rails it runs along.

For any client that is looking to work with us on an ongoing basis, one of the first things we will discuss is setting up version control and a deployment strategy that leverages the power of version control to ensure that the right changes go live in the most seamless way possible.

Version control has many benefits but, as a business owner, the easiest one to grasp is that it allows anyone coming into your project to see clearly what previous developers have done. Even if it is the same developer, they may not remember every little change that has been made. By using version control the entire history of the project is at their fingertips.

Git Version Control

The version control system (VCS) that we prefer to use is Git. We have been using it internally for years. Git has really grown in popularity over the years, no doubt thanks to the fact that it is brought to us by the same people who brought us Linux itself. Sites such as Github have become such a corner stone of open source software development that it is hard to imagine working without them.

Git allows us to do plain version tracking very nicely. However, it also has many other very useful features that allow seamless collaboration between multiple teams. Git is also great at supporting multiple versions of an application, so that you can apply hot fixes to the live version and then switch back into developing a major new version.

Git also has something called submodules which, when used carefully, can be really useful when bringing in multiple sub projects under one master project.

Because Git is distributed, it allows you to have multiple teams working on separate tasks and, as long as one person is controlling everything and properly managing deployments, then this work can all be merged together into a controlled release that can be tested and finally deployed to live.


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