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Magento Certified Developers

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All of our developers are Magento Certified developers. This qualification assures you that they have the full and deep understanding of Magento that is required to be able to work effectively with the platform, build things according to best practice and have the skills to resolve issues effectively.

Zend Certified Engineers

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Edmonds Commerce's developers are Zend Certified Engineers. This accreditation assures you that, as a company, Edmonds Commerce meets the standards for PHP set by Zend and has a company wide commitment to the PHP platform.

Highly Experienced

Edmonds Commerce has been in business since 2007 and, from the start, our focus was entirely on Open Source PHP e-commerce web development. Magento came on the scene as a real game changer and we quickly grabbed a copy of the first versions that became publicly accessible. We were one of the very first agencies in the UK to work with Magento and have been able to leverage our long experience of PHP and e-commerce to quickly become highly proficient with the platform.

Highly Qualified

Before our devs sit the Magento Certified Developers exam, we first of all focus on ensuring that their all round PHP web development skills are up to scratch. For this purpose all of our developers go through the Zend Certified Engineer exam. This covers the full spectrum of PHP development topics and ensures that the developer is well rounded.

Focused on Technical Web Development for E-Commerce

We keep a tight focus on our core speciality rather than being a jack of all trades full service agency

Our unique selling point is our high level of focus on the technical aspects of building, updating and fixing a web site. This comes under the general heading of "web development".

In addition to this it's worth mentioning that we have a deep understanding and make regular use of the Git version control system and are also happy to use Subversion, Mercurial or any other system that your project might already be using. Version control is an important part of keeping control of a software development project. Often the first thing to do when diagnosing any kind of code issue is to simply look at the git logs.

Here is an overview of the technologies we focus on.

PHP Web Programming Language

We focus entirely on PHP development and use the best available tools to ensure the highest standards. PHP is a great language for web development. It is filled with functionality at its core, deployment is quick and easy and updates are inexpensive to make. Originally an amateur scripting language, PHP matured into a fully-fledged web development language and powers large scale sites such as Facebook.

MySQL Database Engine

MySQL is the most used open source database engine. Magento only support MySQL and makes heavy use of the engine. The database is generally the performance bottleneck. High skill with MySQL generally yields faster performance and better stability. MySQL allows database queries to be run that can retrieve specific items of information in micro fractions of a second.

Linux Operating System

Linux is an open source operating system that powers the majority of the web. Your Magento site is hosted on a Linux server. We live and breathe Linux, we use it on the desktop and on servers and are entirely at ease working on a Linux command line. Being a Linux expert can largely be summed up as being skilled with the BASH shell and scripting language and using this to run and configure a variety of programs to provide functionality and to aid in performance, debugging and security.

HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript

Front end development refers to programming for the web browser. HTML provides the structure; CSS provides the styling; Javascript provides the functionality.

Trusted by Businesses like Yours

Our clients include a range of e-commerce business, digital agencies and more who trust us to handle or supplement their technical development requirements

We Work with E-Commerce Businesses

If you have an e-commerce business and you would like to know there is someone you can call to resolve your issues and assist you with developing and growing your business then we can help. We can provide the technical know how and reliable service you need to handle the complicated stuff. We are more than happy to supplement your in house team or work with your other digital suppliers to provide the technical resource you need.

E-Commerce businesses generally are aware that there are always things to work on including bug fixes, extension installations, performance optimisation, training and support. Having a reliable on going resource that you can call upon provides you with the stability and security you need.

We Work with Digital Agencies

Under our White Label services, we work with a range of digital agencies across the globe to assist with things like design implementation, bug fixing, SEO improvements and more.

As a digital agency you are no doubt aware how hard it can be to recruit skilled PHP and Magento developers. You can of course use contractors however they can be very expensive and by their nature are only ever temporary which can make providing ongoing support and maintenance to your clients a potential problem.

Digital agencies use Edmonds Commerce to provide a consistent and reliable resource to supplement their in house teams and to handle the more complex tasks that come up.

We Work with Web Designers

As a web designer you put time, effort and emotion into providing your clients with a design that meets their requirements and will provide their customers with a comfortable and reassuring purchase process. Once those designs are created then a Magento web development agency such as Edmonds Commerce can take your vision and implement it as a highly performant Magento theme built to the highest standards.

We Work with SEO Specialists

Search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly complex, and more difficult to tread the correct line ensuring maximum on page optimisation without triggering any over optimisation penalties. Magento, whilst shipping with some great SEO features as standard, is not always perfect. We will work with you to diagnose SEO issues on your site and ensure you get the best exposure possible.


Checkout Down, Disaster Recovery or Critical Bug Fix - We can Help, Today

Critical Emergency and Disaster Recovery Assistance

At Edmonds Commerce we understand how critical it is that an e-commerce website stays up and transactional at all times.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing customers who would like to place orders being unable to do so.

If you need to get expert help to get you out of a problem situation as quickly as possible, give us a call right now on 0044 (0)113 880 5654orget an immediate callback .

We can assist with all kinds of critical errors and can do so very quickly. We operate a special emergency contract service

where we will fast track your project and can allocate 2-3 hours or more on the same day by utilising developer overtime.

Project Audit

We will thoroughly examine your project or website for Security, Performance and Code Quality issues and Provide you with Recommended Solutions

There are all kinds of good reasons to get your project thoroughly audited by an impartial third party. Our audit service will provide you with a list of recommended improvements and will highlight any issues and concerns that we find.

We use a combination of custom tools and manual checking to find common problems and also look at your custom theme and module work to make sure things are being done the right way and will not cause you problems in the future.

We generally recommend that new clients make use of this service so that we can gain a good understanding of where you are at right now and can then work with you to resolve problems and make improvements.



We will look for security issues such as SQL injection and cross site scripting problems. We will also look for developer tools such as phpMyAdmin and others that have been left unnecessarily open to the internet and easy for attackers to find and try to break into. Simple issues we will just fix immediately. If we see something very serious we will also look to fix immediately, with your approval.


Care needs to be taken with large complex systems such as Magento to make sure that custom code is not having an excessively negative impact on performance. It is not uncommon for a simple module such as a "best sellers list" to contribute an extra couple of seconds to the loading time of a page. When page load times are so crucial for high conversion rates and good SEO results then this kind of detrimental effect can be devastating.

Code Quality

Code Quality

We will review custom theme and module work for general code quality. Magento has a well established set of best practices which, when correctly adhered to, means that your store is likely to be more stable, easier to upgrade and generally better to work with. On the contrary, if things are done badly and against best practices then this can cause future problems and can also impact performance and security concerns.

Backup & Code Control

Backup & Code Control

An important, but often overlooked part of running an online business, is ensuring that critical data is being backed up rigorously and also that code changes are properly tracked and audited. Backup is one of those things you hope you never need, but if you do, it absolutely must be right. Code control keeps your project code tracked with a clear audit trail and the ability for multiple parties to work on the code without clashing.

Server Configuration

As part of the audit we will also look at how your server is set up. Systems such as Magento really demand an optimised server configuration to perform at their best. We will look at how things are currently set up and can list the improvements we would suggest to improve performance and security.

Server Configuration


We will look at the way your site is working with regards to SEO and on page SEO factors. There are lots of features in systems such as Magento that provide search engine optimisation functionality. However, like any complex system there are also lots of ways to inadvertently cause SEO problems. We will look for common issues and also give your site a general overview in terms of SEO. If required we can provide an SEO specific in-depth audit as a stand alone task.

White Label

Open or Closed Book PHP Development Outsourcing and Support to Assist you with your Client Projects

Edmonds Commerce works with a wide range of digital agencies, graphic designers, web designers and even other development houses to help them deliver high quality technical development to their clients.

Our specialism in complex platforms such as Magento means that we can supplement your in house web design and development capabilites to give your clients the best results.

There are many reasons to consider using our white label development service. You may need to outsource or subcontract your work due to a spike in demand that your core team cannot handle.

It may be that your primary focus is on graphic design, marketing, SEO or some other digital related service and the technical PHP development and Linux side of things is not something you have a lot of in house resource for.

Closed Book

If you would rather that your clients are not necessarily aware that we are involved in your project delivery, you can rest assured that we will work with you under strict confidence. We are more than happy to sign your NDA. If you do not have your own NDA we will even provide our own.

Open Book

If you prefer to be open with your clients, you can be assured that we will totally respect your existing business relationship and will only communicate with them via yourselves unless you specifically authorise us to communicate directly .

Meet Edmonds Commerce

We are a small team of UK based developers, here to help you.

Based in the heart of West Yorkshire in the UK, Edmonds Commerce are a small team of skilled developers focusing on PHP and e-commerce. We work together as a team and are carefully managed and nurtured by Nolwenn, our Managing Director.

We have been in business since around 2007. Originally Joseph launched Edmonds Commerce as a sole trader however the business grew from strength to strength and before long he needed help. Nolwenn quit her job and came on board to help handle things and allow Joseph to focus on the development work that is our core offering.

Since that time we have employed a few different developers. Some have come and gone and currently we have a nice team of quality and experienced developers who have met our high standards of quality and expertise and we feel happy to offer their services to you.

Our focus has and continues to be on the technical aspects of managing and supporting a web site. It's not for everyone, it certainly requires a certain mind set but we love the intellectual challenge and the reward of using our skills to help other people run their businesses.


Owner / Managing Director
Hi my name is Nolwenn. I'm the managing director of Edmonds Commerce. It's my job to keep everything ticking along nicely, make sure your projects are going well and organise the guys' schedules. Chances are it will be me you talk to initially with regards to working with us on your project. My ambitions are to grow the company and I am a fully qualified Agile project manager.


Owner / Technical Director
Hi my name is Joseph. I was the original developer in Edmonds Commerce, starting out as a freelance and working with Nolwenn to grow the company through a partnership and now a limited company. In that time I have had the pleasure to work on a wide range of projects for numerous clients. My particular strengths are my deep understanding and experience of PHP and MySQL combined with my background in working for an e-commerce company. In terms of development work, I tend to work on the complex back end systems and batch processes that keep large and complex catalogues up to date. I'm a Zend Certified Engineer and also Magento Certified Developer.


Lead Developer
Hi my name is Ross. I have been with Edmonds Commerce for a few years now. I joined as I was just finishing my masters in computer science and got introduced to Joseph via one of my professors. Before that I was working for a chain of opticians where I helped to manage a large and complex database system. My particular strengths are in MySQL queries, Linux, Git, Coding Standards and Magento development.


Lead Developer
Hi, my name is Dan. I have been with Edmonds Commerce since June 2015. I joined Edmonds Commerce after completing my University degree in Computer Science. As I have grown within the company I have moved from pure development to leading a team on a range of different projects of varying sizes. My strengths are in frontend, backend and devops. Generally I consider myself to be a full stack developer. In my free time I enjoy working on music projects with Ableton Live and guitar.


Hi my name is Tahir. I'm a PHP developer with over 12 years of experience in all facets of web development. I have a degree in Software Engineering. I'm always learning new things and since joining Edmonds Commerce in 2018 and have learned a huge amount about Magento development and e-commerce. In my free time I enjoy good games, movies, and books.


Hi my name is Dale, I'm one of the developers here at Edmonds Commerce. I have a degree in software engineering and over 8 years experience developing websites. I am a Zend certified engineer for PHP and am a Adobe Certified Professional for Magento. The challenges I face here help me to learn and grow with the industry which I enjoy doing. I'm now working on my next Magento certificate as I continue to master the framework.


Hi, my name is Ashley. I am a software developer at Edmonds Commerce. My role is as a PHP developer and my particular strengths are in backend development. Working at Edmonds Commerce has given me an opportunity to work with more complex systems and to work in an environment tailored towards writing and developing great software. I am looking forward to new challenges and learning new skills.


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