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Edmonds Commerce Handbook

Welcome to the Edmonds Commerce Handbook. We area team here and that is why it's vital that we can share information as we find it to improve our collective abilities. You can see more about our office culture about our Culture and Social.

Hopefully there is plenty of useful content in here that is relevant not just to Edmonds Commerce, but to anyone involved with PHP web development and E-Commerce

For Developers

The bulk of our Handbook is information for developers to share information between each other, so that when one of us finds a great solution, we can document it and make it available for the rest of the team should the same situation arise.

Some key examples are our documentation on Plesk servers, setting up Cloudflare and how we work with the Git version control system.

We make it publicly available because even though it's written for Edmonds Commerce, it could be helpful to others out there.

For Existing and Potential Clients

Web Development is obviously rife with technical details that aren't helpful to clients, but we want to make sure new and existing Clients have a good understanding of what we work with, what we propose to work on, and are fully informed about the changes we make to their websites - to their businesses. We have a dedicated Client Knowedgebase section which we populate with client-focussed information free of the technical jargon - instead it's written to be clear, understandable information about the work we do.

We'll often refer clients to our Magento 2 Upgrade documentation, information on the types of themes we can implement and how we prefer to test our work.

A good starting point is to see How We Work including billing, transparency and communication.

Work with Us

We are always looking for new people and organisations to work with


If you are a PHP developer and would like to come and work with us, please do get in touch.

Our work is varied, interesting and challenging. If that sounds like something you would enjoy then we'd be really happy to hear from you.

Read more about joining us here


If your business requires some high quality and professional PHP development services and you would like to work with a leading UK based specialist agency, then please do get in touch.

We have a strong focus on Magento and Magento2 however our core specialism is in PHP and E-Commerce development in all of it's forms.