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This page will take a look over what the different features in Jiraa include, giving you an idea of what it's used for.

For specific info, use the links on the right hand side.

In a nutshell

Jira is a proprietary issue tracking product, developed by Atlassian which provides bug tracking, issue tracking and project management functions. This is where we keep track of your work's progress.

The idea is is that we create a "Project" in Jira that represents your site, then create "Issues" or "Tickets" that represent work. These Issues/Tickets are stored in your site's Project and progress is recorded there. These tickets can also be commented on, opening discussions between us and yourselves regarding the work.

Home screen

Your Jira Homepage will give you a general overview of current tasks to work on and the progress that's being made.

Pie Charts

You'll see 3 pie charts showing the tickets that are assigned to certain users/developers, a count of completed and in-progress tickets and an overall count of tickets in your site's jira project.

Pie Charts

Activity Stream

You'll also see a box named "Activity Stream". This will display updates on tickets, such as:

  • Newly created tickets
  • Who they are assigned to
  • Any comments made on tickets
  • Tickets that have moved up the workflow (ie From backlog to in-progress, in-progress to done.)

Activity Stream

Assigned to me

Below the "Activity Stream" you'll also see an "Assigned to Me" section, displaying all the tickets that have been assigned to your user.
Kind of like a to-do list!

Assigned to Me

You're able to navigate around your Jira using the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Navigation Bar

Clicking on the drop down menus will give you the following options.

  • Dashboard: Clicking on "View System Dashboard" will take you back to the Jira's homepage.


  • Projects: This will display the projects that are currently set up in your Jira.


  • Issues: Here you can get a quick glance at the recent issues that have been created. You're also able to search for a specific issue, view the ones you're created, the ones that have been assigned to you and also view all tickets by clicking "more".

Issues Dropdown

  • Boards: These are the Kanban boards that provide a visual reference for the work's pipeline. Your website project will come with one set up for you to view.
    • For more information on Kanban boards, please see the "Kanban" page



Projects come in 2 different types:

  • Software Project Image Software: Used for tracking workloads and work pipelines
  • Business Project Image Business: More of an informational project where you can store important details.

Clicking on the "Projects" drop down and the "View All Projects" will display all current projects open on your Jira.

Projects Dropdown

Default Available Projects

The ones we make by default are:

  • Magento (or otherwise named accordingly): A "Software" project represents your website.
  • Info Sharing: A "Business" project where you can store sensitive information such as log-in and server details securely.

    • We strongly encourage sharing any sensitive information in here, as the Jira's security thanks to SSL certificates means this information will stay secure and is only viewable by yourselves, our developers and our admin team. A much safer option compared to email and Slack.
  • Jira Itself: Another "Business" project where tickets can be created in relation to anything to do with Jira.

If you would like any other projects setting up, simply reach out to our admin team and we'll sort that out for you! As an example, you can see below that we have created the "infrastructure" project, following a request to include this.

All Projects

Viewing Project Kanban Board and Issues

The image above shows us all current projects on Jira.

Clicking on software project will take you to the project's kanban board, the visual representation on the current workload.

Kanban Board

Clicking on "Issues" on the right of the board will direct you to the issue view, displaying all info for all tickets in this project.

Issue Viewer

Back in "View All Projects", clicking on a business project, such as Info Sharing, will take you straight to the project's issue viewer.

IS Issue Viewer


As mentioned, these represent your work, or bits of information you'd like to share with us.

They come in several types to match different kinds of tasks and requests. These are:

  • Task Task: A standard task that needs doing.
  • Sub-Task Sub-Task: A task that relates to or is part of another task.
    • Sub-task are automatically linked to their parent task.
  • Bug Bug: Used to report a found bug.
  • Question Question: Got a question to ask? Make this one!
  • Epic Epic: Used for large bodies of work that contains multiple tasks.
    • Like subtasks, you can link standard tasks to Epics. These will need to be done manually, however.

Creating an Issue

To create one of these, simply hit the "Create" button on the navigation bar.

You'll be greeted with a pop-up window that provides you with input fields for information regarding the ticket.

Create Issue Window

For more information on this, please see our Creating Tickets page.

If you have any questions regarding Jira that haven't been anwered in this page, or the pages linked, please reach out to our Admin team.