Everyday Communication

On a daily basis we interact with clients via telephone call, emails, and Slack for real-time general/developer queries.
For when we wish to have multiple people on a call or just want to put faces to familiar voices we use a range of apps and extensions to fit around what works best for you. Some examples are as follows:

Google Hangouts/Meet

Convenient because it's browser based and no download or install is required.
Meet is meant to serve as a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts, the consumer-focused messaging, voice and video chat application.
Like Hangouts, Meet also offers group video calls, not just video chat, but in an expanded capacity.
Where Hangouts is limited to 10 people, Meet says it supports high-def video meetings with up to 30 participants.


Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat
Zoom Free: This is the best option if you're testing out Zoom, wh the free version of Zoom, users can hold an unlimited number of meetings, but group meetings with multiple participants are capped at 40 minutes in length, and meeting can't be recorded.
Zoom can also be integrated into Slack which we use a lot for communication.


A tried and tested staple of client interactions at Edmonds Commerce, lots of functionality, just send us your ID and we're away in terms of video and conference calling.
Easy to install, reliable, has the option to screen share and group call.