Integrating Bitbucket


Make sure Bitbucket's OAuth is set up first

Adding a DVCS account for Bitbucket

  1. Log into Jira as an Admin
  2. Navigate to the project that represents the site
  3. On the bottom-left, click the cog for "Project Administration"
  4. Click "DVCS accounts" from the left sidebar
  5. Click "Link Bitbucket Cloud or Github account"
  6. Fill in the form:
    • Host: Bitbucket Cloud
    • Team or User Account: The client's bitbucket user name
    • OAuth Key: From their bitbucket account
    • OAuth Secret: From their bitbucket account
    • Auto Link New Repositories: untick?
    • Enable Smart Commits: untick
  7. Click Add
  8. Click Grant access
  9. Tick "Enabled" on the repository which matches the project
  10. Click the blue "Sync Repo" icon