Upgrading to 2.3.5

This page details the issues that have been encountered when upgrading an existing Magento 2 project to 2.3.5 and the ways to fix them.

The release notes for the version can be found here which includes upgrade information, known issues, and details of what has been changed in this release.

Use the correct version

Due to a problem discovered during the pre-release period, a new version had to e released. This is named 2.3.5-p1 and needs to be specified as the version when upgrading using composer

Unable to run bin/magento

In some cases after running the composer upgrade you may find yourself unable to run bin/magento on the command line, and instead get the following error

An abstract factory could not create an instance of magentoframeworkappdeploymentconfig(alias: Magento\Framework\App\DeploymentConfig).

This is due to the setup folder not being updated, which means it still has references to the Zend Framework packages rather than the new Laminas ones.

The way to fix this is to use composer to create a new Magento 2 project and then copy the setup folder from there in to the code base. Make sure any changes that you have made to the directory are applied and then the command should work

Removal of Temando Shipping module

The Temando shipping module has been removed and replaced with the temando/module-shipping-remover module. When this is installed it will remove the following temando attributes from the database:

  • ts_dimensions_length
  • ts_dimensions_width
  • ts_dimensions_height
  • ts_packaging_type
  • ts_packaging_id
  • ts_hs_code
  • ts_country_of_origin

Before running the upgrade you should check your code base and database to make sure these are not being used anywhere

Unable to run composer update/install

If you are seeing the error PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Undefined class constant 'PRE_COMMAND_RUN' in /var/www/vhosts/magento/vendor/laminas/laminas-dependency-plugin/src/DependencyRewriterPlugin.php it could be because you are running an old composer version.

Use composer self-update to get the latest.