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Managed at Admin > System > Jobs

Jobs are used for message queues, including product imports.

Running Jobs

For jobs to be 'consumed' they need to have the oro:message-queue:consume task running. This should have been set up at installation, but can be run from the command line. You might need to run one per environment with --env prod/--env dev flags.

When running, they're split into chunks. These are stored in the oro_message_queue_job table

  • Successful jobs have the status oro.message_queue_job.status.success and job_progress 1
  • In-progress jobs have the status oro.message_queue_job.status.running and job_progress 0
  • Queued jobs have the status and job_progress 0

Killing Jobs

The following is experimental and could cause me problems

For jobs which you want to kill off, you can address these in the database tables oro_message_queue*.

Find the ID of the job in System > Jobs, and run the following queries:

TRUNCATE oro_message_queue
DELETE FROM `oro_message_queue_job` WHERE `root_job_id` = [jobId]
DELETE FROM `oro_message_queue_job` WHERE `id` = [jobId]