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Fishpig Wordpress Integration

Wordpress Running in Separate DB

It's a good idea to run Wordpress in a separate DB to Magento. This has security benefits as well as making it simple to backup and update the Wordpress database in isolation.

Configure Connection

This can be done at: Wordpress > Settings > Database.

Change "Do Magento and WordPress share a database?" to No and enter the required DB credentials.

Handle Access to Magento DB

The Fishpig module joins its own Magento tables with some Wordpress tables. In order to allow this and still maintain the security benefits of having a seperate DB you will need to provide the Wordpress database user with access to the required Magento database tables (and only those tables).

To do this you can run:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON [magento db name].wordpress_association TO '[wordpress user name]'@'localhost';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON [magento db name].wordpress_association_type TO '[wordpress user name]'@'localhost';