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Varnish Concepts

Varnish Basics Docs

Varnish Built-In Functions & Keywords

Installing Varnish

1. Install the package

  • sudo yum -y install varnish
  • sudo systemctl enable varnish - To enable varnish to start on reboot
  • varnishd -V - Check version & installed correctly

2. Installing Magento Module

Switch to a new branch for the installation and download the relevant platform module.

3. Add Parameters on Daemon

Edit varnish daemon parameters - vim /etc/varnish/varnish.params

DAEMON_OPTS="-p feature=+esi_ignore_other_elements -p cli_buffer=16384 -p vcc_allow_inline_c=on"

Magento 1 Turpentine Fix

4. Lastly edit your Web Server (Apache/Nginx) configuration to use varnish.


Varnish Logging

The full varnish log will give you an indication on what is happening at different stages. Cross-reference this with the vcl file you are using with varnish.

For Example:

  • - VCL_call HIT Anything after this line until the next VCL_call will relate to the subroutine vcl_hit.

Varnish GEO IP

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