EC Blog

The ec-blog container

You should clone the ec-blog container.

In the container's /home/ec folder there are two key subfolders:

  • ec-blog/: a clone of gitBare:/home/ec/repos/ec-blog/
  • a clone of

Creating new posts

  1. Run ~/ec-blog/scripts/desktop/
  2. Enter a post title. Remember to add relevant key words. This Title Will Be Title Cased, and will also be used to form the URL
  3. Enter a category. This should reflect the main thing the post deals with
  4. Enter comma-separated tags. Add as many as you think are relevant
  5. Decide whether or not to set the post to published. This is a line in the post's metadata block
  6. Accept the confirmation

The script will provide a file path to the new post for you to open with your chosen editor.

Writing Content

Content is in Markdown format, and accepts Github-flavoured extensions

The post's content should be added below the metadata block in the post's file

Previewing content

When writing content, you'll need to preview the content locally before deploying it.

  • ~/ec-blog/scripts/desktop/ builds the site (takes a few seconds) and provides a local URL to use

Continue editing your post's file, and the site will update as you type. When finished, Ctrl-C out of the preview.

Deploying content

To avoid problems with environments, deployments are handled on the Cluster container.


Don't forget to use Buffer for sharing the post!