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Editing Tranactional Emails

Editing a template

Transactional emails are stored as HTML files in the Magento filesystem, but can be overridden and editied within the Admin

  1. Navigate to System > Transactional Emails
  2. Click the orange Add Template button in the top right
  3. You need to pull in the template from the filesystem. Choose the appropriate template from, the Template list
  4. Choose the locale and click Load Template

You can then make whatever changes you need to, then click Save Template.

You can preview your changes using the Preview Template button

Telling Magento to use the new template

Once you've created your new customised template you'll need to tell Magento to use that instead of the default one:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration
  2. Choose Sales Emails on the left
  3. (Optional) If you have more than one store and want to change it only on a specific store, you'll need to choose the correct store from the top left Configuration Scope.
  4. Expand the type of email you want to configure - Order for new Order Confirmations, Shipment for delivery confirmations etc
  5. Choose your template from the "_____ ______ Confirmation Template" list, such as "New Order Confirmation Template"
    • Some also have an option "...for Guest". This applies to customers who placed orders without creating an account, you'll likely need to change that too
  6. Press Save Config in the top right
  7. You might also need to clear caches
    • Navigate to System > Cache Management, tick Configuration and click the orange Submit button in the top right
  8. You can then place a test order and ensure you receive the correct template