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Adding New Column To Kanban

Adding New Column to Kanban Board

  1. Go to system

  2. Go to the workflows section. This in under the Issues section in the Administration window (not to be confused with the top one).

  3. Then select and Edit the workflow that you want to add the column to. (most likely, the one attached to the magento project)
    We'll use Centurion as an example here but the name of the client differs in every Jira, of course.


At this point make sure to check the diagram if the status is not already in place.
If it is, of course, you won't be able to add it.


  1. Add your status and allow all statuses to transition to this one. Also make sure the new status is visible in the diagram.

  2. Publish your changes and select No. And you're done! Issues-Workflow