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Setting Up

Setting up Jira

  1. Go to You will see the set up screen.
  2. Select "my own database"
  3. You will need the information you can get from the terminal. You can find this by looking for "You can now access Jira on". You will also find the details for the email set up in the same area on the terminal. However you can also find them in IS-3

    Database example
    Jira User jiraDbUser
    Jira Password find this in the terminal
    Jira DB Name find this in the terminal
  4. Once you have filled out everything you can hit test connect. If the connection is succesful then you can move onto the next step, if not succesful then one of the fields may have incorrect info in them.

  5. You will now need to do the following as you will see a box requiring a license key...
    • Jira will give you a server ID. This needs to be sent to the client so they can retrieve their license key. Once the client has this key, they will need to send it to you so that you can paste it into the box that requests it. This is assuming they have already purchased a license from Atlassian.

Plugins To Install

Summing Up Lite

This one shows the total estimate at the Epic level