Creating Pages

Deciding where to categorise content

Primary responsibility for organising the pages lies with Ken, however everyone is free to contribute new pages as they see fit.

  • If the category is obvious just place it in the relevant category
  • If it's not immediately clear, place the page into Temp/Ready-to-Categorise

To create a new page, simply create a markdown file (.md) by right clicking in the desired location, select new and then file.

The folder structure and filename should correspond exactly with the desired navigation.

Once a page has been created, the mkdocs.yml file needs to be updated.

Generating the pages node content in mkdocs.yml

  1. cd /var/www/vhosts/mkdocs/
  2. Run bash ./mkdocsUpdatePagesYaml.bash

Pushing changes into git

Once you've created your new page:

  1. Use the command git pull to locally pull down any changes.
  2. Use the command git status to check if any files have been added. If you haven't worked on anything yet, this should be empty.
  3. Run bash mkdocsUpdatePagesYaml.bash to make sure the new page is included in the menu
  4. Use the command git add and specify your file path to add the file to staging, ready to be committed. Be sure to also include mkdocs.yml
  5. Use git status again to see the files that you have added. They should now be in the "Staged" area
  6. Use git commit -m to commit your additions. Each commit should be made with a message every time, explaining what you did with the command.
  7. Use git push to push the changes to the handbook. The page should now be visible in the private handbook.

Deleting files and folders

Simply right click on the file or folder and select delete.

Then run: bash ./mkdocsUpdatePagesYaml.bash as above.