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Installing Doofinder

  • Get the module from
  • Install the module as you normally would (copy paste)
  • If the site is behind basic auth, make sure the Doofinder ip is added to the whitelist
  • Generate the script that needs to go in the magento template through the Doofinder panel.
  • Put the code in the magento template
  • Generate a new API key in the Doofinder admin
  • Add the key to the config in magento admin
  • Turn on Doofinder Layer and Internal Search
  • Make sure the key is added to the specific store view rather than the default view

If using cloudflare

  • Offload the feeds url to a subdomain that is not cloudflare protected
  • Nginx execution time must be at least 5 minutes (depending on the amount of products)
  • Make sure Nothing times out along the way
  • Keep im mind that load balancers might also time out
  • HTTP_HOST fast cgi param should be the main site
  • Whitelist only the doofinder IP