Using Jira


Using Jira is mostly covered by client-level Jira docs.

This section is intended for developer- or Edmonds-level Jira tasks that clients wouldn't normally deal with

Creating Jira reports

  • Craft your JQL query for example status in ("In Progress", Backlog, "Selected for Development") AND project = "Magento 2" AND type NOT IN (epic) ORDER BY originalEstimate ASC
  • Click Export -> Excel (Current Fields)
  • Open locally in Libre Office
  • Highlight content and paste it to google spreadsheet.


You have to use Ctrl + V, to copy it with styling, otherwise the ticket URL's will not be ported

Fixing the spreadsheet styling

  • If there are empty rows at the top of the spreadsheet, remove them
  • Freeze the column heading row by selectig columns row and then doing View -> Freeze -> 1 Row
  • Delete columns you dont need