Magento Performance Optimisation


There are many ways to optimise Magento Performance, broadly split into the following categories:


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Server Side - Time to First Byte

This is how quickly Magento receives a request and then returns a response. The "first byte" is the very first byte of response that is received by the browser after making a request

Browser Rendering

This is the speed with which the browser can retrieve all of teh assets for a page and then render them

This metric is what is being tested when you run tools such as Google Page Speed

Server Side TTFB Techniques

Prevent Modules from Phoning Home on Front End Requests

Some module authors, especially paid for modules, have taken the decision that they want to build in licence checking code which will actually make a web request into the rendering of front end pages.

This can add a number of seconds on top of the standard TTFB. If for any reason the remote server is slow or not responding then the impact can be huge.

Here is a github repo that lists a few offenders steverobbins/Magento-PhoneHomeList

Browser Rendering Techniques