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Sharing Sensitive Information


Linking Through to Info Sharing Tickets.

When you come to use your Jira that you have open with us, we require you to provide certain sensitive information relevant to the work you need us to do, such as site passwords and usernames.

In order to keep this information secure, we like to keep it isolated to Jira within the Info Sharing projects we set up for you. Keeping the info here eliminates the risk of it leaking out to the public.

Some of this information is needed to conduct certain tasks that you need. To adhere to the security of this information, we reference the ticket that holds the relevant information in the description of the ticket that details the work that needs doing.

In order to do this, please see the following instructions.

  • Find the ticket that contains the information you need (within the Info Sharing Project).
  • Copy the tag that is linked to the ticket. This can be found on the ticket's summary page and looks like the following: IS-1.
  • Now, begin create the ticket for the work wich requires the information in question.
  • When you come to writing a description of the ticket, paste the tag inside the text box.
  • When all the information needed is contained within the ticket, click "Create"

Now, if you navigate to the ticket you just made, you will see the Info Sharing ticket tag within the description. It has now been turned into a link, and clicking on it will take you to the respective ticket.

Google Docs

If you wish not to use Jira then the other way is through Google Docs with two step verification enabled.