Analysis Tools

Here you will find useful tools which can be used to check a variety of areas on a potential or even a current clients site. Using these tools will allow you to add more depth into any emails you will send out and also give us more of a starting point when trying to gain work.

This is a list of the tools we will be using:

  • Mage Report

  • Page Speed

  • Mobile Friendly

  • SEO Check

  • SSL Labs

Mage Report

This tool is to be used for anyone who has a Magento site. This checks your site for common security problems and you need to make sure everything stays green. It is definitely worth checking on a regular basis.

Instructions on how we use Magereport can be found within this handbook.

Page Speed

This one checks how well your site is optimised for fast loading ina web browser:

Mobile Friendly

This one checks how mobile friendly you are. Google is now taking this into account when serving up search results

Seo Check

This one gives you an SEO check up. You have to take it with a pinch of salt but it can be useful


This Site will only allow you to do one check before putting you on a cooldown which usually lasts 24 hours which means you can only do 1 site a day.

SSL Labs

Mixed content check


While doing your checks it will be worth checking what is indexed by google under their domain name.

SITE:"Their URL"

We need to strongly advise they get any development sites taken down and all URLs to be 301 redirected to his real live site. Dev sites should never have been indexed by Google and certainly hurt SEO