Standard Export

Below goes over the process of exporting public channel content and uploading it to the projects Google Drive.

  • On the desktop, click on the workspace name in the top let, hover over "Administration" and click on "Workspace Settings".

Workspace Settings

  • A new window in your web browser will open. Click on "Import/Export Data" at the top of the page.


  • Click on the "Export" tab and select the date range you'd like the export to cover and click on "Start Export".

Export Date Range

  • For the monthly export task in Insightly, select "Specific Date Range" and make sure you cover 40 days prior.

40 Day Backup

  • You'll receive a notification confirming that the export is being generated and that it is ready to download. Wait for the email to show up in the info inbox.

Export Notification

  • You can also check your "Slackbot" channel in Slack to see if you get the notification there as well.

Export Notification Slack

  • When it's ready, head to the "Export Data" page, either via the Slack notification or email, and scroll down to "Past Exports".

Past Exports

  • Click on "Ready for download" on the right to start downloading the backup.

  • Once downloaded, head over to the "Slack Standard Exports" folder in the projects Google Drive.

  • Click on "New" in the top right and select "Upload File".


File Upload

  • Upload the file form where you downloaded it from.

Upload from Downloads

  • Now that it's uploaded, simply give it a shorter name stating the date range of the backup.


  • Finally, send an update to the #general channel in Slack to inform Joseph that the monthly backup has taken place.

Slack Update