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Debugging Tools

Magento 1 Logs

Logs are stored in {Magento Root}/var/log

  • var/log/system.log is for notices and minor errors
  • var/log/exception.log is for full stacktraces
  • var/report contains a stacktrace whenever an error page is displayed

AOE Profiler

This extensions helps to profile magento projects. To download it go to

To enable profiling add this to local.xml


In the magento var file you will put a config file for the AOE Profiler. This will be named aoe_profiler.xml, the module comes with a aoe_profiler.xml.sample which contains a sample configuration and explanations. Link to aoe_profiler.xml.sample

One notable option is <trigger>. They are 3 options for trigger:

  • always
    • This will trigger every time a page is loaded, including admin. This can very quickly become unmanageable.
  • parameter
    • This will trigger every time the argument ?profile=1 is in the url, or there is a cookie profile.
  • never
    • This will never trigger.

The cache will need to be cleared when you make changes to this file.

Also you can find some settings in Magento admin under System -> Configuration -> Developer -> Debug.

To find the results of the profile you can find a table at System -> AOE Profile.

Maxiumum Execution Time for Profiling

Adding execution time to the php fpm configuration will allow the profiler for Magento to run for a longer period of time

  • Change the max_execution_time in the /etc/php.ini
  • Turn of xdebug for more accurate results


Trouble Shooting

Results not showing