• When working on any task, make sure there is a ticket for it in the Jira.
  • Note the ticket number
  • We use this to create branches, in which we work and commit the work related to that ticket only.
git branch -b MAG-123-title-of-ticket
  • We expect granular commits where possible and for the work to be pushed regularly. E.g - Don't commit once for days work and then push the next week.
  • Reasoning is that is allows the lead developer to see how the work has been completed and shows snapshots of changes as opposed to loads of change at once.
  • It also allows safer working as you can restore to a previous commit if the changes don't work as expected during development.
  • Do not merge the branch with the master/LIVE branch.
  • Branches should only be merged by the lead developer after the code review.
  • Push the branch to github and then create a pull request for it and set reviewer as lead developer.
  • While working on any tickets, try to keep Jira ticket upto date with the statuses and any problems you run into.