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adding IO collumns and sorting by IO rates

Htop allows you to add a collumn for IO rates. This enables you to see what is going on in regards to hard drive activity.

Start htop by typing in "htop" on the command line.

Once in, hit f2 to bring up the set up options.

Once in here, go down to "columns" on the far left.

Then, you will need to head over to the right under "available columns".

Look for "IO_READ_RATE and IO_WRITE_RATE" and press enter on each to add them into the "active columns"

Hit f10 for done and then you will be able to see the read and write columns.

You can now hit f6 which will bring up a menu which lets you select an option to sort by. Use this to sort by IO_READ_RATE or IO_WITE_RATE