Once you have created tickets for a project, you can use the reports functionality to create the outline of a quote.


You will need to have included estimates for the tickets for this to work properly


To do this quickly when viewing a ticket press dot (.) then type Time

The estimates are only calculated for an individual ticket, and are not added to their parents, so make sure that you don't double count by including them twice


You also need to make sure each ticket is assigned to a version.

These can be created by going to the project administration screen and clicking the version link in the left menu.

Each ticket should then have the version added to the Fix Versions.

Creating the report

Select the project from the Projects menu at the top of the screen

In the left hand menu there is a section called Reports

At the bottom of that page there is a section called Forecast & management which has a report called Version Workload Report

Select that and you can then select the version you are estimating

This will then give you a report which includes the total amount time which can be used for the quote