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Magento Training

Magento's flexibility means there's a lot to take advantage of. You might have seen mention of Store Scope, Promotional Price Rules and System Configuration and been intrigued by what these can do for you. There's a lot there, and with experience you can make great changes without requiring any code changes.

With the experience we've gained over the years, we're able to offer personalised training for any level of Magento user.

Who delivers the training?

Our training is delivered by a member our own in house team who has years of experience using Magento. Depending on the type of training you need, this will often be one of our Developers, which gives you the opportunity to understand how to achieve a specific task, and also raise questions about how it works behind the scenes.

Who can we deliver training to?

We can deliver training to any level of user - whether it be your sales team, or key decision makers.

We can also deliver training to Developers to help them take advantage of Magento's unique codebase.

What format does our training take?

On-Premises Training

We offer face-to-face training either on your premises or here in Shipley, Yorkshire in our dedicated meeting room. This can be a one-on-one or we'd be happy to invite a number of users.

Remote Training

We also deliver training via screen share to help you when you have specific things to address.

Training Packages

Magento User Training

If you'd like an overview of the Magento Admin and how to take advantage of its features and flexibility, we can deliver a full day's training to teach you:

  • Catalogue Management
    • Creating Products and Categories
    • Understanding the different types of Simple, Configurable, Virtual, Grouped products
    • Making use of Cross sells, Up sells and Related Products to pique interest in additional purchases
    • Setting up new Attributes and Attribute Sets to best display and filter your products
    • Making the best use of images
  • Sales and Order Management
    • Understanding how to manage orders placed on the frontend
    • Placing phone orders through the Admin
    • Crediting and refunding orders, and handling product replacements
  • Promotions
    • Shopping Cart and Catalogue Price Rules
    • Offering Coupon Codes, including customer-specific or time-limited vouchers
    • Promote free shipping or percentage discounts when a specific set of product conditions apply
  • Store Management
    • Multistore is Magento's strongest feature and adds another dimension to working with the Admin
    • Setting up stores, setting the language and currency
  • Configuration
    • Making the best use of the hundreds of options in System > Configuration (M1) or Stores > Configuration (M2)
    • Configuring Payment Methods, Shipping Rules, Design, Logos etc

Magento Developer Training

We also offer training for Developers looking to learn how to get to grips with Magento - both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

It's a complex platform with its own specific learning curve, but with the right understanding of the key concepts we hope to enable you to take on the work with your own in-house expertise, calling on us only when extra support is needed.

  • Magento 1
    • Templates and theming
    • Layout XML
    • Class rewrites and overriding core Magento
    • Installing Extensions
    • Security Patches
    • Upgrades
  • Magento 2
    • Templates and theming
    • Layout XML
    • Plugins, Dependency Injection
    • Installing Extensions
    • Composer
    • Upgrades
  • Server Management
    • Deployments
    • Security
    • Nginx/Apache/MySQL
    • Git
    • Linux users

Bespoke Training

As with all of our work, the packages above are guides. We can tailor our Training to whatever needs you have. Whether it be a specific area of Magento you need to fill some gaps in, or want to dip your toe into some light development we're happy to help with whatever you need.