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Testing Framework

Unit Tests

All unit tests are located in tests/unit and are namespaced to match the class they are testing. E.g: App\Services\General\ContactService is tested by Tests\Unit\App\Services\General\ContactServiceTest

For tests to work, ensure that Test is added as a suffix to the class and file name

Mocking and Mockery

Integration Tests

Database State Management

Repository Tests

Mail and PDF


Any emails sent from the development container should go to (send emails using Edmonds Commerce internal if you can just to be safe).


PDF Routes


When repeatedly polluting the database with test data from manual tests it is advisable to clean the database and rerun the test fixtures when developing. Laravel Doctrine comes with a useful entity definition library for very quickly generating entities on the fly, the fixtures use this system to generate dummy data for testing purposes.

All factory definitions are located in database/factories/definitions.php and the main fixture class is database/fixtures/TestFixtureLoader.php

The current fixtures do not create projects and companies in the expected way (keeping true to Equip and Working Agreements etc).

To add the fixtures to the database:

php artisan dev:db:fixtures

Database Reset

To clean the database (before re-adding fixtures):

php artisan doctrine:migrations:refresh

Acceptance Testing (Behat)

Before starting to run the acceptance tests, be sure that the following tasks have been completed


  • Ensure the database projects_acceptance exists (as per .env.behat, this should already be on the cluster)

  • Run the lxc-selenium ec-projects2 command before executing tasks, this should be left running