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Work Flow


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Pull Request Process

  • Go to the repo page on github
  • Click on Pull requests image
  • Click on New pull request image
  • Select the main branch in which the new branch should be merged in. image
  • Select the branch which should be merged in. image
  • Then you will see a success message or error message depending on if your branch can be merged or not. image
  • Then in the comment area, write down the summary of the changes in the branch. image
  • Then you should select a reviewer for this branch, a lead developer, who can review the changes made and review your work. image
  • Make sure you have done everything and then Click on Create Pull Request. image
  • Then you should see the review page created image

SSH keys

Now there are multiple ways for this.

New Account

  • Create an email account with edmonds email address e.g
  • Add your desktop ssh key to your account. help
  • Ask lead developer to add your account as a team to the main Edmonds Commerce github account.
  • Now you should be able to access the repositories.

For a container or new repo

  • Log in to the github account which owns the repo and navigate to settings (top right corner) and then SSH and GPG Keys.
  • From here you will be able to add a new SSH key to the account.
  • Your public can can be found in ~/.ssh/

Adding SSH Key to account

  • Login as your account
  • Click on profile icon dropdown and click on settings image
  • Click on SSH and GPG keys image
  • Click on New SSH key image
  • Add new key page image
  • Get your desktop key. Open your terminal and run cat ~/.ssh/ copy the content and paste in the key box in github.
  • Give it a memorable Title and click on Add SSH key