Summary of Behat

The Behat tests simulate a users experience while having access to multiple features under the hood for detecting errors on the site. Our Behat tests also perform W3C validation and detect JavaScript errors on each page visited by the test suite. With more time invested into the tests detecting bugs and minimising errors is drastically increased before deployment.

The below options are examples of the structure of the way we test websites prioritising basic functionality first.

Basic Functionality (Desktop, Mobile) to test:

  • Homepage
  • Checkout
  • Product Page
  • Customer Account
  • Cart
  • Category Page
  • Navigation
  • Basic Search

Core Functionality (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) to test:

  • Contact Forms
  • Searching
  • Mini Cart
  • Advanced Product Page Options
  • Delivery Options
  • Advanced Search

Advanced Functionality (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) to test:

This will include bespoke tests catered towards website ie custom plugins and tests requested.

  • Admin
  • Custom Plugins
  • Performance

See an example video below of a test website with some of the feature tests from the basic functionality: